The Nintendo Wii: Abandon Ship?

wii-abandon-shipYou all know that I’m not a huge fan of Nintendo these days. I won’t hide it, and very often (too often, I know) I like to prod Nintendo where I can, dishing out death by papercut through my snide remarks and witty criticisms. Most of that is due to the Wii, which I feel is a colossal stab in the back to the Nintendo hardcore, but unfortunately, the machine is a ludicrous success, so I guess it doesn’t matter.

Slapstic just recently posted an article titled Why NOW Is The Time To Abandon Ship On The Wii, discussing how 2009’s Wii prospects don’t look too promising. Mad World? Sin and Punishment 2? Wii Sports Resort? Apparently, that’s all we’re getting unless Nintendo has some tricks up their sleeves.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about joining this fellow writer and selling my Nintendo Wii as well. Still not sure if that is foolish or not. What do you guys think? Agree or disagree with the article?

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16 thoughts on “The Nintendo Wii: Abandon Ship?”

  1. It’s a tough choice for me personally. Do I want to sell my Wii for cash now! or do I want to wait or do I want to keep it for teh histories? I mean a hundred and a half dollars or however much it is now isn’t enough to sacrifice Okami – which I haven’t gotten around to finishing – or Brawl – even though Sonic has made me stop playing – and most of all, Rock Band. I know I’m content with my PC and 360 games, but…still.
    Slapstic has an excellent point and I agree, and that’s the problem.

  2. Yeah, it’s time to drop the Wii. It could have been so much more if Nintendo had made it more powerful. If the Wii could have handled more, there would be more FPS games taking advantage of the motion control, heck there might even be some games employing head tracking. Then again, Nintendo doesn’t cater to core gamers. All the strange extensions to the wiimote didn’t help, either. If only they had used less plastic and more silicon… well, RIP.

  3. Nintendo claims to have a new Zelda this year, but thats up in the air.

    Also, Wii Sports Resort may seem lame to us, but to these new Wii gamers, that will be the best seller of the year, I bet.

    I don’t think anything can stop this and I honestly think the Wii is bad for the industry.

  4. I think hardcore gamers are looking at this in the wrong way. I’m going to say now, yes I am a nintendo fanboy and yes I do actually enjoy the times I’ve had with my wii. But the point remains how many homes has the wii been put in that would never have bought another “more hardcore” system. Its great for the industry, expanding the idea that video games are ok, video games do bring family and friends together. Maybe swinging a wiimote around to spread goo all over the world doesn’t sound like fun to everyone, but it is to a lot of none-hardcore gamers.

    Also the wii was made to be cheap and affordable, hence the downsize on the graphics end of it.

    Don’t get me wrong, i love my ps3 and pc to DEATH but my wii also holds a special place in my <3 too

  5. Those are all good points for sure, it definitely does open up gaming to a new audience, and you can’t blame Nintendo for wanting to make some money. However, my worry with all that is that companies will give up on the hardcore completely because it’s more lucrative to do what Nintendo is doing. Where will that leave gaming?

  6. Well I cannot say that isn’t a valid point, the only other thing I can bring up is that video gaming history has gone through a lot of changes since its beginning. The Wii has been selling a lot of systems but i feel like the amount of games being sold isn’t that high and everyone knows that a company makes their money from the games they sell. People will always want a GTA, COD, GOW, etc to play and thats why i feel that sony and microsoft will continue doing what they are now.

  7. Well in Canada the wii is STILL sold out everywere and people are STILL buying and selling them for over 300 dollars so abondoning the ship doesent seem to illogical from my point of view ay.

  8. It seems like people assume Nintendo is the only one making games for the system. They aren’t, but what the problem is, is that third-parties just don’t want to put an effort to make a fun, Wii-specific game. They just take existing games and port them. Or just make a minigame-fest.

  9. Nevar! I will hug the Wii all the way down to the bottom of the dark deep ocean where I will gently caress it as we both die out.

    Then I will go back to my PC and laugh at all the console owners as I play my obviously superior platform.

  10. It’s not a choice for me. I have an 11 year old brother so I can’t get rid of mine. Even if I could, I’d probably wait a little bit longer just to see exactly what games are going to be coming out this year.

  11. I have mixed feelings about Nintendo and the Wii. On one hand, this whole arguement of how they’ve sold their soul, abandoned us fans and ran like a bandit with the profit.
    On the other hand there is no denying that as party entertainment it has no rival. No amount of tutoring can turn your dad into a lethally proficient killer on Call of Duty or your mum into a racer that would have given Colin McCrae nightmares. SSBB is the ONLY reason the thing gets turned on in my house (by me at least) and maybe some Virtual Console games. Don’t Nintendo know what they must do? Newbie gamers only stay new for so long, what happens when everyone is looking a decent game? Who will buy Wii Sports

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