Today’s WTF: Lady Puts Credit Card in Wii

credit-card-wiiWow, starting the new year off with a bang, eh kids? Already we’ve got a pretty epic fail/wtf-inducing moment to talk about. And this one just takes many a cake.

Apparently, a poster over at NeoGAF has informed the gaming community this his neighbor broke her Wii by putting a credit card in it. The defense? She was trying to buy VC games and she took “put in your credit card” a bit too literally. Now her Wii is broken.

Funny thing is, there are just as many games to play on it… Ok, I kid. I bash on the Wii too much, but let’s transfer that negative energy into making fun of this silly lady. How’s that for an epic fail? View some pics of the ordeal here.

Source- Kombo

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13 thoughts on “Today’s WTF: Lady Puts Credit Card in Wii”

  1. Ya the wii is a little too easy to make fun of. But seriously this person must be new at purchasing things from any online system.

  2. LOL how can someone be so stupid? couldn’t she tell by the size of the slot it wouldn’t fit?

  3. Actually i heard that she put in 3 different credit cards at the same time… Source: Screwattack news (12/30/08)…. 1st credit card you put in=200% stupidity, 3rd credit card you put in= 500% stupidity…

  4. [quote comment=”3422″]HOW THE HELL? Its probably not true anyway, just some marketing stunt.[/quote]
    but what would they market by doing this?

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