Black Mesa Source Trailer Is In-Freaking-Credible

Seriously. This is just too cool for words. In another case of “awesome fan made shizzle”, a new trailer has come out from the dudes over at BlackMesaSource, the Half-Life 2 Mod that re-creates Half-Life 1 with graphics straight from the Source engine. The result? I just made up a new word for it. Fantastic-ness.

GamerSushi Asks: What Did You Play?

As we all know, Thanksgiving, and the holidays in general, are a time where we get some much needed down-time for not only family and eating, but also getting in some good gaming time before we go back to the grind. In addition, Black Friday brings the opportunity to save on systems, devices and games that we’ve been waiting to play.

Over the weekend, I mainly played the junk out of Left 4 Dead, along with some Dead Space, and even a little bit of Halo 3 for good measure. I flirted just a tad with Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core on the PSP. Left 4 Dead is still blowing me away due to its awesome versus modes (a coordinated zombie attack is bliss) and sheer replayability. And the only thing Black Friday yielded was a few DVDs and Kung Fu Panda on BluRay.

What about you guys? What did you play for the extended break? Anything you wanted to play more of? Get anything for Black Friday? Answer away!