Kid Gets a Wii, Needs a Slap

Just a warning: watch this at your own risk. You thought the music in that WoW video was bad? Wait til you get a load of this ADHD freak’s screaming about his new Nintendo Wii. I’m not trying to be a grinch, I mean it’s cool that he’s excited. But still.

Major props to Nintendo for keeping the excitement for this going 2 years later. Seriously, I thought it would fade by last Christmas, but I was dead, dead wrong.

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12 thoughts on “Kid Gets a Wii, Needs a Slap”

  1. I think you have the wrong idea…he clearly is pissed off that its not a 360 or PS3. I know, because he sounds just like the people online in Call of Duty 4.

  2. That would have been the funniest thing I have ever seen if he opened it up and inside was a colouring book and a piece of paper that said “Welcome to the real world”

    But yeh, the Wii is still getting a lot of hype. My 7 year old cousin is talking about getting one in March for his birthday, already excited about it and asking me what games are good.

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