The Star Wars Battlefront III That Could Have Been

battlefrontI loved me some Star Wars: Battlefront II. Seriously. I played the junk out of that game online with some friends of mine. We would often just square off against an army of bots, playing as heroes, grunts and whatever else held our fancy to enjoy us some killing, Star Wars style. I think it’s one of my favorite games of last gen, and have been dying for a sequel.

Well, apparently, Free Radical was working on one. I say was with such emphasis because Free Radical just closed up shop in the last couple of weeks. The game has now passed on to Rebellion, so it’s still making its rounds, but recently some SW Battlefront III screenshots have made their way to the intertubes of some of the models being worked on. Granted, these are Free Radical’s designs and are from a year or so ago, but I find it pretty interesting.

Check them out, as some of them are rather fancy. Did any of you guys play Star Wars Battlefront at all? Thoughts?

Source- Kotaku

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14 thoughts on “The Star Wars Battlefront III That Could Have Been”

  1. One quick question…is this the “Secret LucasArts Project”? Because I never heard of Battlefront III until this article. Also, as much as i’ll miss having a BF3 to play, i’m much more concerned about not having a TimeSplitters 4 to play…i’m surprised that TS4 gets absolutely no mention.

  2. Yeah, loved playing against bots on Battlefront 1 and 2, a great game for playing with friends, but single player would get annoying after a while….single handedly taking out armies is fun, but tiring. Would like a next-gen sequel though.

  3. My brother and I would have epic battles. I would be the Empire and on Mustafar, he never could come close to touching me once I unlocked Anakin. once, I won in two minutes.

    But I only beat him once on Polis Massa. That place was stacked against the Empire!

  4. Battlefront 3 would make me very happy – I played the first two for hours and hours. BF2 was a huge step up from the first, too, and seeing that again would be great. Though I’m still waiting for RC2 from lucasarts…

  5. I never bought Battlefront 2 – not be confused with BattleFIELD 2 – because…well the same reason why I never could manage to get my hands on a copy of MGS or FF7 (I know, I’m evil). Anyway, I DID manage to play BF2 a few times when I visited my cousin’s house ever Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. And we ALWAYS played the CRAP out of BF2. We’d sit in the den playing it with as many people as we could find. Even my baby girl cousins tried their hand at it. (Apparently anyone can pilot an AT-AT and get at least two kills with it…) Anyway, GREAT times, and I wish I could have played it more.
    Now I hear that BF3 is on its way. I don’t care if it’s going to take a little while longer for Rebellion to pick up where Free Radical left off; I’m psyched and I hope the game isn’t a flop. I can’t wait!!

  6. I loved battlefront 1 and 2, me and my freind played them to death we are big star wars fans, i had heard about bf3 but i still thought it was on the drawing board but it seems that it was further along than i thought. Also giving the the next gen games we have seen so far, i think this game has real potential if it is handled right and using the unreal 3 engine =D

  7. Star wars battle front was great. Is still great actually.

    Anyone play “Rouge squadron” before? It’s a great star wars game too, and the multilayer(offline) is addictive. I really like to see a new version of that this gen.

  8. Rogue,lol, not Rouge. Rouge is make up, I believe.

    Just teasing you, I mistype that one all the time as well. Its the most misspelled word in Star Wars history.

    And Yes, I loved that game, all of them.

  9. [quote comment=”3369″]Rogue,lol, not Rouge. Rouge is make up, I believe.

    Just teasing you, I mistype that one all the time as well. Its the most misspelled word in Star Wars history.

    And Yes, I loved that game, all of them.[/quote]

    I liked the 2nd better than the 3rd (in terms of single player)

  10. That’s sad news. I was really looking forwards to a sequel. Sure, Haze was a bomb, but Free Radical knows how to do multiplayer.

    Man, I played the bejeezus out of BF II. Those space battles were a great addition. My friend and I would play LAN; he was always tough to beat as he had the $100 joystick, and I had the mouse and keyboard. :p

  11. Since the first time I played the Battlefront, I was hooked. I loved both of them. I didn’t even think a sequel was in the works at all, I just thought Pandemic had moved onto LOTR Conquest. I guess this other company was working on it. Now that I know about it, I want it! Lol. Alot of times I’ve been sitting in front of my 360 thinking: “I wish I had a new Battlefront to play.” Well, only time will tell, I guess.

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