The Craft of War: BLIND

So I’m rather impressed after watching this new WoW video. While this isn’t quite machinima (I’m guessing it’s all animated in a program like 3D Max), it’s still the best World of Warcraft video I’ve seen hands down. The animations are gorgeous, and it’s just entertaining to watch. While the music can and does get old, the fight scenes are pretty wicked.

Titled, “The Craft of War: BLIND”. Good stuff.

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10 thoughts on “The Craft of War: BLIND”

  1. im sorry, i really am. but wow. i mean u gyse usually have great things on here and i have this site as my homepage, but this. this… well… FAIL. i had to stop at 3:20 just cause i was so annoyed. it might have gotten better, and the animations were good. but it was just so annoying that i had to shut it off. i know everyone is entitled to there own opinion. so mine is that sucked sweaty man sack.

  2. Haha, the fights were pretty awesome, maybe you didn’t make it that far. Or was it the music? I have to admit, the music was probably the worst part of the whole thing, but still, for what it is, they did an incredible job animating those fights.

  3. I saw this video yesterday, and I think that the title “Blind” is connected to that human rogue, because he doesnt know that hes protecting Onyxias mother. Music were kinda bad, but everything else were awesome 😉

    sry my bad english.

    btw I just registered and I got my email at 13:37 <- w00t

  4. Lol the music at the very beginning was ok, but then….WTF? Other than that, it was pretty good. The music doesn’t match the mood at all!

  5. I thought that the music fit perfectly. It slowed and quieted when things calmed down, and began to speed and become louder when things got more actiony. I don’t know what everyone’s problem is. Lol…


    there you go.

    So I dunno. The Cartooniness throws it off I think. Great job they did though, but I cant look at wow and really think of it as that cool. She did a great job. man, with how much I think graphics can play into a game. WoW still surprises me that its so popular yet they get away with that style. Though, thats what it is, their style.

  7. That was good and the fight seens were perfectly made but as said before the music was just terrible. If your looking for a great wow machinima the best ive ever seen would be Tales of the past 3 the fight seens are even better than they are in this, unfortunatly it’s the length of a movie 1hour 30mins but it has great story to it.

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