Games to Get Cheaper?

moneyWith the more expensive tech and the big budgets behind gaming in this day and age, it becomes natural for the prices to rise. However, I’ve always wished that companies would scale the costs of their titles in order for the prices to stay down. It’s not worth buying a short game like Mirror’s Edge for $60 in today’s economy.

However, it seems like the recession is going to be giving pause to video game companies. Forbes points out that already, prices of games are starting to come down, most notable Call of Duty: World at War, which was reduced to $49 just before Christmas, and was one of the holidays’ top sellers at that. So now, analysts are predicting more might drop as well.

I find this to be great news. To me, instead of just maxing out your dollars so you can make a $60 price point, game developers should set good budgets for what a game needs, and then price accordingly. As I mentioned earlier, a 5-6 hour game should not cost me $60. Hopefully this continues. What do you guys think?

Source- Forbes

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10 thoughts on “Games to Get Cheaper?”

  1. I totally agree with you. im sick of paying $60 for short games like mirrors edge and finishing it the day i get it and be out of new games to play for a while, when i pay $60 for a game i expect it to last long enough for me to get another game.

  2. I think it will happen when EA and others take their head out of their own arse long enough to see that nobody likes short expensive games.

    So basically, Never.

  3. I think that the future of gaming and the gaming community will be a much more serious industry and community. Prices for games will be based on length and replay-value, and I hope a respectable official reviewing system – that isn’t bought out to give 10/10’s – will help contribute to the distribution of games more directly. Plus, an avid community with unofficial reviewers may and hopefully will become a large portion of that reviewing community.

    Anyway, this increase from $50 to $60 for games is just a temporary outrage. It’s because of the recession. Frankly it’s bullshit because…well I’m not gonna get into that. In conclusion, I do believe that games will return to normalcy at $50 a game, and perhaps lower for shorter games like Mirror’s Edge.
    And maybe Microsoft will stop ripping us off DLC.

    Okay, now I’m just dreaming. lol

  4. Here in the UK surprisingly games are no to expensive like the other day i spent only about £30 on Gears of war 2 and that’s just console games that hit the £30-£40 prices Pc games are the cheapest were u can get some new great titles for like £25 unless u go to GAME were they stick a hoover in your pocket and suck the money out. But if games will become even cheaper than that i’ll ne very happy ¦^D

  5. I agree. I think Left 4 Dead, although a great game, should not have been $60. I mean come on Valve, 4 missions that you can complete in 4 hours!? And the online play is on those same missions! It just feels like a rip off, the upcoming DLC should have been in the game to start with.

  6. lol, lucky for me on boxing day (I got an xbox 360 for xmas) Future shop was out of halo 3 (On for 49$), so I was forced to visit eb games (Ugh), but luckily for me they had some awesome deals! I got a copy of Halo 3 new for $ 19! and Mirrors Edge for $ 49 ($10 off), so I got some great savings 🙂

  7. I totally agree with Eddy. I, or a family member in the case of Christmas, shouldn’t have to spend $60 on a game that will only take me five hours to beat. If it has multiplayer, that’s differenet, but a short game should alwasy be at like, $40. Tops. Maybe it will be incentive to have game makers make games longer 😉

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