Left 4 Dead DLC Soon?

left4deadLeft 4 Dead, how I miss thee. I’m in Tampa right now and it’s been almost a week since I’ve been able to slaughter hordes of the undead with my all-powerful assault rifle or pump-action shotgun. Soon though. Soon I’ll return to ridding the earth of these vile minions. And who knows, maybe something new will be waiting for me.

According to Valve writer Chet Faliszek (dude bra), some DLC is coming out for L4D pretty soon. Nothing too definite, but it does sound like it might contain some new “scenarios”, which I take to mean new campaigns. Which is kind of awesome. The SDK for the PC should be out at some point as well.

Unfortunately for those of us silly enough to own this game on the 360, the DLC is going to cost some money, while PC users get it for free. I think it’s totally ridiculous that MS insists on charging for ALL DLC that they release, even if the PC counterparts get them for free. It makes no sense at all to me, especially since I pay a subscription to XBL already.

So, who’s excited about more L4D?

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14 thoughts on “Left 4 Dead DLC Soon?”

  1. I’d love some additional campaigns. Maybe a lobby for searching for Versus matches? As it is now, I need to use the console to look for games.

    Actually, there’s a lot I’d like to see added to L4D. New weapons, maybe some additional moves when a Smoker or Hunter has you pinned. (that might lead to a button-mashing mini game, though)

  2. [quote comment=”3314″]Yeah, MS is kinda screwing you…hard..with no lube.[/quote]

    bahahahaha. nice one, Ant. but i totally agree. i was about to get L4D for my 360, but i ended up realizing the DLC would be free on PC. so screw that, i got a PC copy… only to find my friend had bought it for me for xmas. so i returned the pc copy and got the 360 versions for parties. TEEHEE.

  3. funny i saw the podcast about 15 mins ago, come on here and look what i see. Thank god i went for it on the PC, i borrowed it from a friend on the xbox, though yeah really good but i realised that 1 DLC would cost money 2 it would only get official DLC and 3 PC has better graphics than the 360 version.

  4. [quote comment=”3314″]Tampa? What are you doing in that craphole?

    Yeah, MS is kinda screwing you…hard..with no lube.[/quote]

    Some people have fetishes, Anthony.

    I totally regret getting L4D for 360. Well actually it isn’t too bad. My PC is crap so I can barely run games with okay graphics, and I don’t have any friends on Steam, so for a co-op game that I don’t want to have to try and find a Smoker on a rooftop while I shoot chimneys that look like humanoids 360 is my only choice.
    Despite my frugality, I suppose I’m willing to spend $10 for DLC. But it’s still bullshit!

  5. [quote comment=”3317″]HEY, I live in Tampa Anthony. You are just jealous of the fact that I am wearing shorts right now[/quote]

    LOL, I live in Tampa, too. Eddy is down here with his wife, who was my best friend in high school, they are visiting her family. In fact, we are having dinner tonight.

    I never knew MS charged for everything. On top of the fee, that’s lame.

    On the PSN, it’s free and they often have free DLC.

  6. Sounds good cause I don’t want L4D to be one of those games that i never touch only after 3 months. When’s it coming out for the PC? Because I can’t wait…
    For mah free
    D L C

  7. This is the one time I can laugh at the console people because the PC gets it better.

    *laughs and dances around a fire with Zoey, Bill, Francis, Louis and all new character Sir. Blobby*

  8. Eddy, that’s why I don’t game on the 360 🙂 I don’t like all the fees you have to pay, even if it isn’t a big price…I mean with 10 bucks extra per game plus the 5 bucks a month and THEN costs for the DLC…it adds up after awhile. I mean you do have to upgrade your PC’s but at least we don’t have all the extra costs that are constant reminders we pay too much for gaming 🙂

    On another note, i’m excited about free DLC for my PC. I heard they were supposed to do this regularly, let’s hope they keep that promise…i’d love new maps.

  9. That’s why if i can get a game like Left for dead for the Pc i get it because microsoft is statring to get rediculous with the DLC i mean i pay for a years subscription + the internet and then find out i need microsoft points to get content that should be free to enhance my gaming experiance!
    And the only reason the call it microsoft points instead of £ or $ in your cases is so it does’nt sound like they are raping your wallets, luckily i learned my lesson from COD4 and got this game for the Pc and i’m glad i did certain Fps on Pc is just better take TF2 for example cheaper on pc than xbox and more fun, more players, easier server browsing, free DlC, and just plain better. Sorry im ranting now just it’s late and im hyped on ebergy drinks and coffee but i completed most my xmas games so it was worth it ¦)

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