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xmasI’ve always loved the Winter Break. So much time for the things that really matter. You know what I mean. Family, friends and games. I think it’s fairly safe to assume that the majority of us are either enjoying blissful freedom for gaming time already, or we are just on the verge of it (I fall into this latter category).

Since so many of us will have more time than normal to play through some piled up stacks of game discs, I thought I’d take the time to find out what all you guys are playing through. It’s been no secret that this Fall has blasted us in the mouth with a cannon full of titles, and I’d like to say that we all took it like men.

Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be doing my best to finish Fable II, Prince of Persia, Fallout 3 and Chrono Trigger on the DS. I know that I won’t come anywhere close to doing all of that, but a man’s got to dream, doesn’t he?

What about you guys? What will you be playing over the holidays? List your games!

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  1. I recently just got Gears of war 2(a bit late i know) and ive been playing that non stop love the story and horde mode is just brilliant!

  2. Over this lovely 2 week break I have, I’ve built up quite a assortment of games. At the top is CS:S. And thrown in is Company of Heroes, Battle Front 2 (PC) GTA IV (360) and hopefully (if I got it for Christmas) Left4Dead.

  3. I too belong in the latter category. Can you believe our school system had the nerve to send us to school on the Monday and Tuesday prior to Christmas Eve!? Funny thing is, none of us went. Santa Claus punished and mocked the school system by summoning a near blizzard, and class was cancelled on Monday and Tuesday. As Dom would say, SUP BITCHES!

    Now, as for games I’m getting Fallout 3 for Christmas and will probably squander the entire break with that. Plus, I’m still loving Gears 2’s Horde, and I’ve almost gotten to Third Prestige on CoD:WaW. (I took a break to go play some CoD4 with friends, and then re-fell in love with CoD4, so that took up about a month.) On top of that, I’ve downloaded the Half Life 2 full-mod called Insurgency. It’s an awesome mod. Check it out and download it via Steam!

  4. I’m currently working on a threesome of games all with their own time schedules because I’m sad like that.

    In the day, I am replaying The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

    In the evening, working my way through GTA4 PC. Trying my best to ignore the bugs.

    And just before I go to bed, The Sims Urbz on DS. I used to play this all the time on the GBA, literally. So when I saw it on sale for 5 quid (10 bucks) I couldn’t resist getting it to play again.

    I’m sure that many more games will come with Christmas for me to play. Now that I think about it I also have Prince of Persia (which I got bored on after 4 revivals things), The last boss in Super Paper Mario, Far Cry 2 (also got boring) and Dead Space (I don’t feel like almost messing myself around Christmas time)

  5. Counting the hours ’til I’m outta here…hopefully I’ll have the time to finish of Dead Space and Fable II, maybe Bioshock too, and perhaps take a crack at Fallout 3 over New Year’s. All bets are off if Chrono Trigger shows up under the Christmas tree.

  6. I’m trying to get a few platinum trophies. I just finished Mercs 2 so now I’ll try Resistance 2. I may try to get some more in Battlefeild Bad Company and Far Cry, but they’re online trphies. Online trophies are bullshit.

  7. About 20 minutes after my comment I went to play TP and my analogue stick went into “Stuck going right” mode. I accidentally went on erase and whilst trying to fix analogue stick it deleted my file. Sucks.

    It’s not the end of the world because It was my second play through and I already found a save file online that was around where I was. Just have to hope Santa brings me the SD card I asked for 😛

  8. Fallout 3, LBP, Chrono Trigger (trying to get the 9 other endings I missed) and checking out COD 5. Wait Chrono Trigger has 11 endings right?

  9. Ok, mine is pretty standard, but I will be getting Dead Space for Christmas, and an HD TV, so I am pretty excited. In my free time I will work through Fallout 3, and play a lot of CS:S.

  10. Believe it or not, I downloaded Shining Force 2 on the virtual console and am loving every minute of it. No More Heroes is in there as well, what a game that is.

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