GamerSushi Asks: Best Gaming Gift?

sm64It’s finally the week of Christmas, and I’m really not sure how that happened. Last I checked, it was like November or something, but here we are, and I’ve now time traveled into the future. Seeing as how it’s that time of the year, I’m almost certain that by the end of the week I’m going to have added some games to my collection, as I’m sure is the case for many of you.

Which begs the question: what is the best game you’ve ever received for the holidays? Not one that you bought yourself, but one that was given to you during the holiday season.

For me, it was probably Mario 64, which came packaged with my Nintendo 64 the year that it came out. I remember ripping that thing open on Christmas Day, and being so saddened that we had to go to my grandma’s, because all I wanted to do was play more of it. Call of Duty 4 last year would be a close second. That is one of the games that shocks you with just how good it is.

What about you guys? What’s the best gaming gift you’ve ever received? Go!

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  1. last christmas i got halo 3 packed with my xbox 360 i wouldn’t stop playing that game and i still play it today without xbox live :'(

  2. Final Fantasy III for the SNES or Chrono Trigger.

    Probably FFIII.

    Played the hell out of the game. If you ever need help, don’t look on gamefaqs, call me. I know all the answers on that one.

  3. “Presents were good when you had a N64. Ahh, I can remember now, how I was when I got my first console…

    I WAS the N64 kid, man. lol
    My greatest Christmas present was my N64 and LoZOoT. Halo 3 comes in a pretty close second, but that’s because I was so hyped. CoD4 was a bit of a hidden and wonderful surprise, but I’m basing my ranking on hype and the ensuing glee.

  4. when I got beyond good and evil, I hadn’t every heard of it but it was amazing. If someone hadnt given it to me i woudlnt have tried it

  5. [quote comment=”3169″]when I got beyond good and evil, I hadn’t every heard of it but it was amazing. If someone hadnt given it to me i woudlnt have tried it[/quote]

    Oh man, talk about a surprisingly good game. That was easily one of the best games of last gen. What a great gift and a great title.

  6. Probably the N64 would be my choice as well. Having previously been given Sega’s pre-Dreamcast lame duck, the Saturn, ripping open the paper to reveal an N64 was awesome. Plugging it in and playing a game that wasn’t Sonic Blast 3D was also a nice feeling.

  7. I have two big ones.

    Christmas of (maybe) 90: Sega Genesis and Sonic. Sonic, and it’s subsequent sequels, then went on to consume much of my free time as a kid.

    Christmas of 1998: Metal Gear Solid for the PS1. I locked myself in my room and played that game until I beat it.

  8. Well thats really hard to say because ive got over 60 games in all but the games i loved were
    1.Metal Gear Solid 3 if wasnt for that game i wouldnt of never got interested in the series which is the best series ever
    2.Kingdom Hearts 2 awesome game
    3.Resident Evil 4 i love zombies
    and last but definitely not least
    4.Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

    That game made my… erm… 6th? X-Mas probably the best one since. I played the junk out of that game.

    Memories aside, I’d have to agree with walrusmen… [quote comment=”3179″]The Plush Weighted Companion Cube no contest with anything else[/quote]

    Sooo true. But you guys up there also have a few great dieas. I’m getting Gears 2, COD5, Fallout 3 and a ton of other epic stuff.

  10. Well my best gaming gift would be my latest one
    Beat this combo:
    37 inch HD tv
    80Gig ps3
    GTA IV
    Metal Gear Solid 4
    Big little world
    That drake thingy game
    Mirrors Edge
    and Haze

  11. [quote comment=”3206″]My best gift was my N64. It was truly the best console.[/quote]

    I loved my N64…but I would never say it was the best. It was the beginning of Nintendo’s downfall.

  12. Probably the year I got my N64 and Goldeneye along with it. My second would be when I got my 360 along with Rainbow Six Vegas and NFS Carbon.

  13. Anyone have the first Sonic for the Sega? that was truly the first game i ever played, But the best gift i got was Total annihalation for the pc (the original Supreme commander to those who don’t know)i played it non stop for like 3 years or more i still have it today but sadly unable to play it on my computer =(

  14. [quote comment=”3187″][quote comment=”3185″]

    Metal Gear Solid 4
    “Big little world”
    That drake thingy game…

    lol Big little world[/quote]

    *Little Big Planet

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