Shattered Save Slots: Final Fantasy VII

ff7-1We’ve all got those gaming memories that mean a lot to us. Things that, as a kid or heck, even as an adolescent or adult, have affected us deeply. It’s these moments that we look back upon with wonder, that make us into who we are as gamers, and captured our hearts forever for this “hobby”.

But what happens when someone comes along to shatter that pixel-perfect image you have in your head? In Shattered Save Slots, we take a look at some of gaming’s most memorable moments, and come at them with sarcasm, perspective and brutality.

This week, Eddy looks back at one of his favorite all-time games, Final Fantasy VII. And Anthony comes to… well, poop on it.


The Game: Final Fantasy VII

Eddy’s Take: A Truly Remarkable Title

For all of us, there is that one game, that game that strikes nostalgia like nothing else inside of us. It goes deeper than a great book or even a movie, because of the interactive nature of this gaming medium that we love. For me, that video game that transcended that boundary was Final Fantasy VII.

I booted it up on a warm summer day, my brother and I transfixed on the screen as the Playstation whirled to life. Nothing can compare to the opening of the game, which blended never-before-seen visuals with such a stylized look. It took my breath away instantly.

As my first RPG, FF VII showed me the depths that story and character could really go. I had never played a game that drew me into its events in such a way, that actually made me care about the characters and what happened to them. The world was imaginative and tapped into some part of me that I always hope to fill again with each additional RPG that I play. And I’m still waiting on that, by the way.

aerisFor me one of the defining moments of this game is the moment when Cloud witnesses his love, Aeris, being killed by Sephiroth. As she prays for the planet, in order to find something that will save it from its fate, Sephiroth, the legendary swordsman, drops from out of the shadows and stabs her with his sword. There’s nothing she could have done, and I felt helpless watching it.

The moments that follow are classic. The white materia bounces away from her, down marble steps and into the shimmering pure water below. It’s not until later that the player and the characters realize that this is the key to saving the world.

In the end, the story is one of friendship, love and community as you try to avenge Aeris’s death and save the planet. The way they introduce her face in the ending sequence, along with the Lifestream, is just priceless. This is one of my all time favorites, for sure, and I’ve yet to play a game that affects me as much as this one did.


Anthony’s Take: Quit Crying, Loser

Well, that was so touching, I almost don’t want to say anything…almost. I’m really glad that Final Fantasy VII was such a seminal moment for my friend Eddy here…it’s just too bad he missed out on the first SIX games in the series!

tifaYeah, I know so did millions of people, but thats no excuse. Final Fantasy III for the SNES (now known as VI) was a critical and commercial success and is widely regarded in gaming circles. I know the pretty shiny graphics of VII were too much for most people to ignore, but you know what you missed out on in the previous games? A story that was capable of comprehension. A game that couldn’t rely on graphics, but had to move the player with simple text, music and very limited animation.

The death of Aeris, while a very emotional moment for so many gamers, was really a poke in the eye. I don’t know about you, but I didn’t spend hours and hours leveling Aeris up only to have the game KILL her while my party stood by with their thumbs up their collective asses. Losing Aeris was more of a “Oh, you gotta be kidding me” moment than a “Oh, no the love interest that I was rooting for died”.

Don’t kid yourself because you were rooting for Tifa and Cloud all along and you know why: Tifa’s amazing rack, you little pervert. Besides, for sheer emotional impact, the Opera scene in Final Fantasy VI brings tears to my eyes every time I see it and its role in the story is a con job to steal an airship!

I am thrilled that this game brought Eddy and so many others into the Final Fantasy fold, but get over it. Aeris is dead, Cloud was lame and the story, not to mention Sephiroth’s motives, are throughly incomprehensible.

Go play any Final Fantasy before it and call me then. Wuss.


Who played this game? Who’s take do you agree with? What are some of your own favorite gaming moments?

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11 thoughts on “Shattered Save Slots: Final Fantasy VII”

  1. ANY other FF game? Let’s look at the story of FF1… ‘the light warriors have to restore their orbs to kill the big evil thing to save the world’. Don’t get me wrong, I liked the game, but the story was lacking.

  2. FF7 was what got me into final fantasy, yes, but then again, i didnt have a SNES to play the old ones with, and i can remember since i was really young when i first played it, my bro would only let me play snowboarding at the Golden Saucer. Good Times.

    But eventually, I brought the game, and after several tries, kicked sepiroth’s arse. Hell yeah. If anyone is looking for a good example of the RPG Genre, then this is it folks.

  3. Oh, and sorry for the double-postedness, but the first console i ever owned was the Playstation – and I still have it to this day, its been with me since right from the time it first came out. Ive got lost of pleasant memories with that console…. One of the pivotal points was going to the crater in FFVII and finding WEAPON – and cloud giving sepiroth the black materia and finding out that cloud was a [spoileralert]clone.

    Good times, Good times.

  4. Shameful secret in 3…2…1…

    I never played FF VII. Except for the PS2 I borrowed to play MGS3, I’ve never, ever, had a PS product in my house. If I played it now, I wouldn’t be able to view it through the rose-colored glasses that most gamers do.

    In terms of having a game that effected me…I’d have to say that the original Halo comes the closest. Playing through that game co-op is something I did almost every day. I still dig it out to play with my friends from time to time, tearing across the giant construct, two green engines of death.

  5. I tried these one of games many years ago not sure what one i could never get into it, maybe as people say the lacking of the story or simply the fact i cannot stand it’s style of games.
    Oh ive never been keen on the graphic style they may look good but the whole japanese thing never realy did it for me (exception of the early Tekken games)

  6. [quote=”Anthony”]Don’t kid yourself because you were rooting for Tifa and Cloud all along and you know why: Tifa’s amazing rack[/quote]

    He DOES have a point.

  7. I’ve got to agree with Eddy. FFVII was the best. I played it then bought nine and ten. Nine came close but it has to be 7. 7 was rather addicting. I engage in conversations every morning discussing the game play and the spin-offs. The spin-offs are good too. Advent children and Crisis core ( maybe not Dirge of cerebus) SO TO SUM UP FFVII FOR THE WIN!

  8. This seems to be a case of “I played FFVII first, therefore it is the best one of the series. On the other side, gamers that have played 3(6 in japan) seem to enjoy that one more. I am with the latter. FF3, at the time, was just as groundbreaking with its graphics as 7 was when it was released on the ps1. While it didn’t have huge polygon breasts to stare at, the storyline was without a doubt the best ever seen in a rpg at the time. You have to take into account the time when these were released. Give me 2 and 3(in the states) over any of the other final fantasies any day and I will be happy.

  9. Yeah, it matters to what you played first.

    I love FF 7, but when people say its ZOMFG best EVAR, when it isn’t even the best in the series pisses me off. Play all of them and then judge. I have beaten ever FF, so I get to have a say,lol.

    But Eddy’s article is right though, this was a pivotal game for many people, myself included.

    The point of this article was to share a profound gaming moment and then kind of make fun of it a little.

    it’s all in fun and I love FF 7 myself.

  10. Without a doubt, FF7 was a great game and it was what the PS1 needed to take the edge in the console war. Vincent is one badazz mofo.

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