Video Game Heartbreakers, 2008 Edition

heartbreakEvery year has its ups and downs in the video game world. From console releases, to huge gaming flops, to bad decisions made by silly companies, there are always some great gaming memories to throw down at the end of each year. And as we all know, 2008 was no exception.

Ugo has just released a list of The Worst Heartbreaks in Videogames 2008, which chronicles the 20 biggest disappointments from the gaming realm for this good year. Some of the notables include DRMs and piracy, the gory fatalities that were cut from MK vs DCU and Nintendo’s lack of releases this holiday season. The number 1 though, might be a shocker. Fanboy sticks ready!

What about you guys? Agree with the list? What were some of your video game heartbreakers this year? I’d have to agree with the article that the combo of the fall deluge of games and the undersell of new IP combined to form my biggest disappointment this year. Seriously, if any other industry released all of its content at once, it would be suicide. Not to mention that in the gaming biz, the products are $60 each.

Source- Ugo

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8 thoughts on “Video Game Heartbreakers, 2008 Edition”

  1. Ouch. Number one is a nice slap in the face.

    The list is definitely a rap sheet of heartbreaks for sure. I think the most disappointing for me is the piracy rate on World of Goo. From what I’ve heard of it, the two guys who made it didn’t deserve to have their game pirated.

    If you want to pirate Spore, or whatever, at least you have a reason via the DRM; (Not that pirating under any circumstances is right, mind you.) but when a small project with no DRM is pirated, that makes me shake my head in disgust.

    I’ll also agree with the Metal Gear entry. I’m a huge fan of the series and it’s lore, but I was still lost at some points. (When did [censored for spoilarz] become evil?!)

  2. Yeah, having the PS3 on there at the number 1 spot was pretty crazy. Personally, I’m surprised Nintendo didn’t get ragged on more due to its lack of games, but the PS3 is the console that is really hurting because of that. Sony has really shocked me this generation.

  3. I really agree with the list. It’s kinda sad to hear sony being treated like a nerd in a school full of bullies. Hope that they do well next year. Starting with lowing the price jus a bit more.

  4. I certainly agree with the Metal Gear series – a solid game with an overhyped plot and intermittent gameplay. Still, it manages to be enjoyable. Also, Spore. The first play through from cell to space was fun, the second alright, and after that the game just got tedious. Innovation is nice, but it’s not so great without gameplay.

  5. I don’t think the Wii would have made that list considering it’s selling like a cure for some horrible disease. I’m sure that the crippling lack of good games doesn’t bother Mr. and Mrs. Wii Fit.

    Sony has really taken some lumps this generation. The ridiculous price, HAZE, and LittleBigPlanet’s heart-rending performance are just some marks on it’s record or sadness.

    I don’t think that Sony can afford to lower their price anymore. They’ve taken such a loss from this console and it’s poor sales rate. However, releasing one at a higher price (WTF) sure doesn’t help.

  6. lol PS3 in first.
    I have to admit, it does deserve 1st place. The only reason I’d buy one is for a cheaper Blu-Ray player that I’ll probably never use and Valkyria Chronicles. And maybe SOCOM: Confrontation if it weren’t so buggy.

  7. I really want Mother 3 to be released outside of Japan. Considering how huge the fanbase for the earthbound series is now, it would sell like hotcakes. I’m doing just fine playing it on an emulator with the fan translation, but I’d really like to have an “official” english version. The rest of list I can agree with, except maybe the ps3, but I don’t have one myself so I can’t really agree or disagree with it.

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