The Great Big List of Future Video Game Movies

sfmovieSo we all know that video game movies tend to suck. We also know that somehow, people keep choosing to make the really crappy ones into movies, rather than games that are actually relevant anymore.

But did you know that there are 28 Video Game Movies in development right now? I had no idea that there were so many. And that some of the names on there are from games that just aren’t worth a damn.

Full list after the jump!

Mortal Kombat (2010)
Spy Hunter (2009)
Tekken (2009)
Driver (2010)
Splinter Cell (2010)
Fear Effect (2008)
Halo (2009)
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (2010)
Castlevania (2009)
Cold Fear (2008)
Warcraft (2009)/World of Warcraft (2011)
Metal Gear Solid (2009)
Clock Tower (2009)
The Suffering (2009)
Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li (2009)
Onimusha (2009)
Kane & Lynch (2009)
Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars (2010)
King of Fighters (2010)
Joust (2010)
The Legend of Spyro (2009)
Sabotage 1943 (2009)
Resident Evil 4 (2010)
Bioshock (2010)
Earthworm Jim (2010)
God of War (2010)
Gears of War (2010)
Area 51 (2011)

If you want more details, the original list has some good info and links about each of those titles. There are just a few notables on there, but the only notable ones that are actually moving forward are the Bioshock, MGS and Prince of Persia movies. It really is odd that more relevant titles don’t get made into movies.

Seriously, if a Halo movie had dropped in the same year as Halo 3, it would have been huge. As it stands, it’ll probably come out when nobody cares about the franchise anymore.

What do you guys think? Will they suck?

Source- Kotaku via Examiner

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16 thoughts on “The Great Big List of Future Video Game Movies”

  1. Gentlemen, the bottom of the barrel has been scraped clean. Mortal Kombat? Tekken? JOUST?!

    Uwe Boll is going to be a busy man producing this much crap.

    Some of these might be quality films, but they’ll be lost in a deluge of crap. Suck on that, Ebert!

    (Oh, in other movie related news, Shia LeBeouf and Eddie Murphy have been tapped for the next Batman, playing Robin and The Riddler, respectively)

  2. I’m just thankful they’ve stayed away from the half life series, maybe they got scared off when they realized that the main character can’t talk and has the emotional depth of a brick.

  3. Castlevania could be good if they make it a 2d sidescrolling movie, earthworm jim is going to rock, and I can’t wait for the Warcraft movie! …and they’re all going to make it to the big screen. Yeah. Sarcasm.
    And as for the Spyro movie, that has the potential to desecrate the scorched ashes of what used to be a great franchise…

  4. For everyone’s information, I want to become a video game developer and then a movie director after that. That way, I will know what’s the hottest in terms of CGI animation, etc. Plus, I’ll make an effort to have my games and movies NOT SUCK.
    Unfortunately, game movies – and movie games for that matter – have a reputation to suck large spherical objects. In fact, I don’t think I can list more than 10, perhaps even 5, decisively GOOD game movies. Heck, the Bionicle Movies were way better than Uwe Boll’s crap. Damn that man!!

    Anyway, wasn’t the Halo movie canceled, or are you counting Halo Chronicles as the movie?

  5. They had a mortal combat movie before. I forgot the name of it but it looked like a movie cross of Mortal combat and Battalon wars.(You know, the nintendo one).
    I’m really excited about the halo movie and bioshock. Oh ya, and I think I read something about Gore(The Pirates of the Caribbean dude) making a movie based on one of valve’s games. Maybe HL2 or even Portal.

  6. @Mitch: If you’re surprised that there’s a Mortal Kombat movie being made, you must have missed the two or three that have already been made.

  7. My feelings:

    1. I really hope the Spyro movie is awesome. Not all the gay stuff they are doing right now. Spyro has a bit of potential, if they made it several years ago.

    2. Mortal Combat has too many films already.

    3. Joust is a really stupid idea for a movie. Can’t wait for DigDug.

    4. Why do we need a Metal Gear Solid film? If you want a movie, just go buy all the MGS games. Fans are happy and we don’t have to worry about crap. Great stuff.

    5. Seeing the details about the Prince of Persia movie, it looks like it has huge potential for being a really good movie. But it also has a high chance of failing as well.

    6. The warcraft movie is being made by the same people who made 300. I sense much fighting and little plot. According to the producer: “It’s a war film”. Yeah.

    7. Bioshock will probably fail in adaption but have very pretty sfx and music.

    8. Gears of War doesn’t actually have a confirmed release date.

    Also I found that not all of those movies are currently in production. The following movies are stalled:

    Splinter Cell (due to several buyouts)
    Halo – It’s officially postponed.

  8. i wish i had a ps3 i have 360 and i want to play god of war 3, it looks better than all other god of war games. pic is kratos main character.

  9. Oh SNAP. I jus noticed that the “Mortal combat” movie I mentioned was “Street fighter” *red face*
    But anyway that movie was lame and epic at the same time.

  10. mortal kombat movies are good for a laugh at how cheesy they are, id see the new one if it ever came out and kane and lynch had a cool story to the game but the rest i can imagine being 24 karat krap

  11. My prediction is that they will ruin every single game except Halo. This is because, well, there really isn’t much to ruin.


  12. What? These game movies will likely fail in production. D: Uwe Boll should face palm himself for being fail.

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