Mirror’s Edge DLC Trailer is Trippy and Totally Sweet

Not sure how many of you guys have gotten around to playing Mirror’s Edge, but one of the things that I hear a lot is that despite it being a lot of fun, it’s got some flaws. Namely, having to fight with soldiers as well as other crazy ninja parkour dudes, which is just not everyone’s cup of tea.

There is a new trailer out for the Mirror’s Edge DLC, though, that looks to be all of the fun of the actual game, minus the combat. To me, when I see this, I’m like, dang, I’d pay for a game that was just THIS. What do you guys think?

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5 thoughts on “Mirror’s Edge DLC Trailer is Trippy and Totally Sweet”

  1. Looks exciting! I loved the demo and have been meaning to get this. I was going to do so last week but some game ie. Resistance 2, shall we say, caught my eye. Still want this though. So bad.

  2. That looks awesomely uberly epic. What’s better than running through a Palace of Floting Blocks? Sweet.

    But why did they have to name their theme music to “Still alive”?

  3. Wow this looks fantastic. Im just waiting for the game to hit PC then I’ll be all over it. My buddy says its sweet but short, so something like this looks like juust the right thing to pick up the game a bit!

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