LBP Sales are Not so Hot

Little Big Planet, we hardly knew ye. I always wondered if it was such a good idea for Sony to hitch its wagon onto Little Big Planet for the second half of this year. I mean, it was such a unique, different kind of game that it didn’t seem to me that all that many people would really be into it. They kept touting the thing as a console pusher, but I never saw it that way.

I guess other people agreed. Unfortunately, November NPD reports show that LBP has only sold around 400,000 copies since it came out in October. Compare that to Gears of War 2’s 3 million copies sold, and you’ll start to see what the big deal is. Considering that this game was THE game for PS3 for the holidays, those numbers are pretty dismal.

So what do you guys think? Just another sign of Sony dropping the ball this gen, or are they going to bounce back and be ok?

Source- Kotaku

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6 thoughts on “LBP Sales are Not so Hot”

  1. It’ll bounce back. How can a awesome game like this not sell. The sales of LBP in Japan are kicking in. Almost every other show has a CM of this. Of course of the cute and fuzzyness of sack boy.

    I think sony just had a bad tumbling start.

  2. Well, Gears of War is an established franchise, plus it had a huge marketing budget. I only two nights ago saw the first LBP commercial on TV.

    400,000 for a brand new franchise, plus the fact that the PS3 has a smaller install base than the 360, is not too bad.

    Plus, as more levels are made by users, the buzz will only get better. I think it will be ok and I don’t think Sony dropped the ball, except for not using more TV time.

    It’s a fantastic game and people will come to realize that.

  3. Advertising campaigns are the problem. I’ve seen the 2 LBP ads three times in two months or so. Over here in the emerald isles the only ads you see are of the 360. Rockband 2 only on 360 Mirrors Edge only on 360 Uncharted only on 360 (?) Ok maybe not but that’s what the TV seems to tell me and I must obey. Nintendo had a great campaign and at the launch when it WAS something to shout about but now as fans leave their ads are on the rise! What the hell?

  4. LBP is one of those games that may not sell well in its opening month, but it’ll keep selling for a long time. Then again, Sony’s stance on user-created levels is somewhat troubling. (check this Kotaku article)
    Admitted, copyright infringement is bad, but look at gmod…not many organizations care much if a user creates a level out of adoration for the franchise…but Sony does. But LBP will still sell, and it’s still a wonderful game.

  5. Just checked it up, LBP has started selling again now that it’s the run up to Christmas! Yay! More UGC!

  6. Lol, waiting to get this for the holidays, seems great, but not as many people owning the ps3 is a problem. LBP may also be neglected by more adult gamers, as it seems, childish, but is really awesome. lol.

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