GamerSushi Asks: Would You Rather?

The holidays are approaching, which means that you guys will be playing games until your eyes bleed and your thumbs have blisters. It’s as good a time as any to have a brand new “Would You Rather?” feature at GamerSushi!

In “Would You Rather’, I simply ask a series of questions, and you follow up with your responses. Give as much or as little explanation as you want with your answers.

Unless your answers are lame. And if they are, be sure that your name will forever go down in the Lame Book of Laming Lameness. It is real, it is a best seller, and all of your friends read it.

Would you rather…

1. Play an RPG with a great main quest and so-so side quests, or a so-so main quest and incredible, distracting side quests?

2. Buy a new game with an ending that has been spoiled, or a game that has been ridiculously overhyped?

3. Have the end-game in a title be the most difficult part of the game (a la Prince of Persia: Sands of Time), or would you rather it be the point where your character is the most bad-ass (Half-Life 2 and the super gravity gun)?

4. See games made easier to reduce frustration so you can enjoy the story more or still play games for the challenge?

5. Purchase a box set of all the games in one series with no upgrades (Final Fantasy I-XII), or a remake of one of the classic games in that series like FFVII?

6. Have the “greatest game of all time” on your favorite console, or in your favorite genre?

7. See one of your favorite titles stay exclusive to your console, or have it go multi-platform so more people could experience it?

Answer away!

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21 thoughts on “GamerSushi Asks: Would You Rather?”

  1. Love these!

    1. I prefer a great main quest. Something with some real meat to it that I can get hooked into. At least side quests are optional so I don’t HAVE to go and get 10 tree branches for Miss Figg. But then again I’m not an RPG fan so I probably wouldn’t care enough to play.

    2. Over hyped. In this day and age every single game out there is over hyped to some extent. You very rarely see a game just released out of nowhere without some form of “The epic travels of Bob and his legion of Toast Men” advertisements. So I learned not to pay attention to any of that stuff and look for gameplay videos or just read reviews. Also I hate spoilers and will actually stop playing the game if I find out what happens. It’s like reading the end of Harry Potter and then not bothering to read 700 pages to find out he l….spoilerz!

    3. Bad ass. Having a super weapon doesn’t mean that you are going to kick everyones ass and not have to put any effort in. Usually you are going to have to fight off tons of enemies and “bosses” (Strider’s in HL2) which can be a challenge. Also in HL2 you get the big thing at the end where you have to throw balls into the reactor which was pretty tough on Hard.

    4. Both, stick with the good ol’ difficulty options so the casual can go on easy and the hardcore can go on hard. I usually play on Medium first time and then higher difficulty’s if it is actually worth the replay. If there isn’t an option then I would say easy so I can see the ending, although that will just make me trade in the game quicker.

    5. Box-set. No remakes please. How about some new and exciting ideas for a change? Plus I’m a big fan of limited edition box sets and what not.

    6. I don’t really have a favourite genre or console really. I guess I would say have it on the PC. Or just don’t be an ass and realize that the more platforms you put the game on the more money you will make. Although if it really is the greatest game of all time then I would buy the console it’s on too play it, wouldn’t I? Depends if I think it’s great or not. I would totally buy a PS3 if they made a game where you play as a disgruntled slice of Bran Bread on a mission to capture the almighty spoon from Dr. Banana.

    7. I really don’t care. It’s not like I want to keep the good thing to myself like some precious piece of gold or something. I guess if they put it on more platforms then they get more money which they can use to make more games in the series which would be nice. But overall I’m not too fussed.

    Everything above this was exactly 500 words, awesome amirite?

    Oh and Happy Holidays to all @ SFF/GS!

  2. What better way to celebrate Christmahannukwanzaa that with a WYR? lol Thanks for the present, Eddy.

    1. Well, if the side-quests are better than the main story, the developers didn’t make the game right. I’d rather have an exciting and epic main storyline, and maybe dab in a few sub-par side quests for some rewards.

    2. Basically, Haze or Mirror’s Edge. I’d rather go with the over-hyped factor. Why get a game that’s spoiled? I rather be mildly disappointed in hype but still have a good enough experience than play a game in which I know who dies and such.

    3. Why not both? I love be tested at the end of a game, but I also love having an arsenal of spells or weapons that are very badass. But I have a really great time when I have all those big guns or spells and have to face worthily tough enemies

    4. If I’m playing a story-based game like Mass Effect, I want to be able to get through with relative ease so I can focus on the story and not die every other second because I didn’t know the RPG guy spawned right next to me. That’s why I’ll blitz through my first playthrough on Easy or maybe Normal, and then go back and clean it up on Hard. For a challenge, I’ll go with multiplayer because facing other humans creates its own difficulty level.

    5. All of the above. In fact, that’d be awesome!!

    6. Since the official and my personal “Best Games Evarrr” list spans multiple genres, I’m going to have to go with the favorite console choice. Except I don’t have one favorite console. Crap.

    7. Frankly it doesn’t matter if people can play the game whether they have a 360 or a PS3…or a Wii since I don’t interact with players on a different console. Since multi-platform games naturally yield more profit and allow everyone to get the game regardless if they’re a Microsoft or Sony fanboy, multi-platform is better than exclusive.

    Can’t wait until the next WYR!

  3. for me its:
    1. Main quest all the way because fallout made me feel that way
    2.I’d also go with the over hyped title because having a spoiler sucks.
    3. I liked having a game that lets you build up and eventually destroying anyone who stands in your way even the final boss 4.I find in RPG games its good to have the difficulty slider so first time around i can play it easily getting the story then next time being challenging.
    5. Having either one would be pretty sweet for me.
    6.I don’t really care as long as its a good game.
    7. Multi-platform is always good so more people can play and enjoy the game.

    Love the WYR’s keep it going!

  4. 1) RPG w/ incredible side quests, the side quests are what make the game fun. In Oblivion I hardly touched the main quest because exploring was much more fun.

    2) Overhyped just because I like to experience the ending myself.

    3) I prefer the bad-ass ending because it feels so rewarding to totally pwn everything that steps in your path.

    4) I think making it easier would easily make it boring. What would Left 4 Dead be if it wasn’t challenging? The very best gaming moments are the difficult ones you fight and cry over.

    5) Remake of a classic…it’s nice to remember the classics, but why not relive it again in an upgraded version? Im totally looking forward to HL:Source : )

    6) Favorite genre

    7) Stay!!! Im not much of a fanboy until it comes to Valve. When i heard they were porting HL over to the Xbox I was very very upset. Half life isn’t half life if it isn’t on the PC

  5. 1. Great sidequests because they are mini-stories where the developers can be much more creative than the main story
    2. Buy a new game with an ending that has been spoiled because it should still be great
    3. Have you be most powerful at the end
    4. Difficulty so you have to work hard to get to the next cut scene which makes it so much more enjoyable
    5. a remake with new features
    6. my favorite genre
    7. I want the game to be built for my console of choice PS3 but I don’t mind if it gets ported to another console later

  6. 1. So-so main quest. In what I consider really, truly good RPGs, I usually don’t get around to finish the main storyline. Bonus points for side quests that change the storyline.

    2. Spoiled ending. I can’t stand overhyped games *cough* SPORE *cough* – it just feels like the developers are more concerned with your wallet than with you. Hype takes money on the company’s part, not yours. So they obviously expect a return…and gamers generally do not appreciate that kind of blatantly profit-driven behavior.

    3. Ridiculously bad-ass character. The feeling of accomplishment from barely winning a difficult game is not quite as great as the feeling of glee at rampaging through the last level like an unstoppable titan.

    4. Hey, what you get out of a game depends on what you put into it. Dumb down the difficulty, and you won’t feel very accomplished after you win. Plus, it’s nice to have bragging rights on beating certain FPS’ on the hardest difficulty.

    5. Box set. I would be absolutely fascinated to watch the technical progression from game to game.

    6. Favorite genre. Can’t we focus on making great games instead of having these pointless console wars?

    7. Multi-platform. Wouldn’t it be spiteful to not want other people to experience a great game?

  7. 1. Good Main Quest
    2. I prefer the ending not to be spoiled
    3. I like a big end-game boss that is challenging to beat
    4. Challenge
    5. I would prefer them to work on a new game instead
    6. I would like better games to be on the 360
    7. I would prefer multi-platform so I can talk to my friends who have PS3s about the game

  8. Figured I should answer my own questions.

    1. I’d rather have an engrossing main quest. While I love sidequests and all (ask my Fable II wives and children), nothing is more satisfying to me than a good hearty main quest. Mass Effect is the perfect example of this: awful side quests, but an incredible central narrative.

    2. Spoiled. Spoilers have never bothered me. I guess as a writer/storyteller, I love seeing how the events come around to the spoiler that I know, and that’s half the fun. I would still enjoy the game regardless, and that’s much better than being let down by what was supposed to be “OMG GRATEST EVARZ”.

    3. I think I prefer the end-game that makes you feel like a colossal mofo, knocking down all foes in your path. While it’s cool to play a game that forces you to prove that you’ve learned all the tricks, it’s even cooler to have a game that rewards you for the grind, and allows you to truly dish out some punishment on the run to the end of the game.

    4. I go back and forth on this. While I’ve been known to crank down the difficulty so I can blaze through a story (Uncharted…), sometimes the rush of just scraping by through the skin of your teeth is very satisfying. Left 4 Dead is the perfect example of this. A few months ago, I would have said easier, but now, I’ll say the challenge, all thanks to L4D. It always makes you feel like you just BARELY made it. Love that feeling.

    5. I think I would like a remake of the old games instead. Imagine a Link to the Past in a fully realized 3D world, or Final Fantasy VII on the PS3. Some of those games, especially the ones on the PS-N64 era, have NOT aged well with time, so I’d love to see some solid remakes. Seriously, remake FFVII and don’t change a thing, and I’d spend $100 on it if I had to.

    6. As I don’t really have a favorite genre, I’d want to make sure that the game was on the console I owned, so I wasn’t missing out on the fun. Doesn’t matter what genre it is, if it really is the greatest game of all time, I want in.

    7. I’d love to see more games go multi-platform. I couldn’t deal with all the PS fanboys whining about the betrayal of FF XIII going to the 360. Fanboys- it’s not a betrayal, you still get to play it! I wish that more PS owners got to experience things like Viva Pinata, Mass Effect, Gears of War, etc.

    Thanks for all of the great comments dudes, it’s just as fun to read all of these as it is to write them!

  9. 1.I prefer a game with a good main quest…side quests are fun but its the main quest that is more important

    2.aah I’ll take spoiled even if I knew what the ending was I would still buy it…Take Fallout 3 the endings suck but I’m still thinking of getting it.

    3.A little bit of both…I think it should that way…you are not like a ULTIMATE bad ass but you have gathered skill and you know what to do…While I agree with Eddy ammm still a little bit of both.

    4.Hey thats what the difficulty setting are for right.

    5.I’m not a big fan of FF but remakes are awesome I saw one of Half-Life it is bitchin!

    6.On my console err…PC actually I dont own a console

    7.Multi-platform dn why 😀

  10. 1. Main quests : Im not much of an RPG guy to begin with.. I always get distracted by sidequests ; even if they suck…

    2. depends on the game.. GTA games I dont care if I know the ending/story, Half-Life games, I’d hate to know the story in advance…

    3. If you’ve learned the tricks, you ARE the badass.. The ending to Asassin’s Creed was hard as Hell on PC, but if you played it enough and learned how to fight, you could take on 10 dudes at once, it was beautiful. ( I love games with only 1 difficulty setting for this )

    4. I havent played a game that really “challenged” me in a long time. Call of Duty 4 is real tough on the “veteran” or .. whatever its called ( the hardest difficulty)

    5. Remakes!!… Although Valve Complete Pack > HalfLife 1 Source remake I think… we’ll see…

    6. Genre! Keeps the arguments/discussions rolling.

    7. Well im all PC anyways… so… doesnt usualy apply to me. But anything that would be PC exclusive I’d like for the console kiddies to be able to enjoy as well.. Aslong as they’re done well.. (Anyone ever try to play Half life or Counter-Strike on Xbox ?? ..I just lol’d)


  11. 1) A great quest. I don’t like having 5 quests at once… get confused.:P

    2)Overhyped Games are good. Kinda…

    3)Most bad ass. How great is blowing up two tanks while shooting a horde of enemys?

    4)Games for challenge. Thats what games are for arn’t they?

    5)Box plz, thx.

    6)Favorite genre. Don’t care how better a console is than another one. It’s the games that you play it on, savy?

    7)only for 1 console. Save $$$ for an other game.:)

  12. 1. Play an RPG with great side quests. I get easily distracted, anyway..

    2. Buy a new game with an ending that has been spoiled, depending on what the ending is. It’s about the journey, man.

    3. Have the end-game in a title be the point where your character is the most bad-ass. I’ve been trudging through various levels dodging gunfire. It’s time for payback

    4. Make games more challenging, but shorter. Portal was the perfect length, but I would appreciate it if it was a bit more difficult.

    5. Purchase a remake. Last-gen controls and graphics are frustrating sometimes.

    6. Have the “greatest game of all time” on your favorite console. I only can play PC 🙁

    7. Multi-platform. I like talking to people about the games I love.

  13. 1. So, Mass Effect or Fallout 3? As short as it was, I liked the main quest of Fallout 3, but I’d like to see an RPG with an awesome main quest and interesting, absorbing side quests. The problem with Mass and F3 is that you constantly feel herded toward the ending. RPGs need to have a main quest with a “downtime” to give you the opportunity to explore the world, and do some side quests while you’re at it.

    2. As sick as I’m getting of the hype train, I’d still like to be surprised by the story. (Even though most games have a pedestrian story at best)

    3. Be a major bad-ass, but still have a challenge. The Force Unleashed did something like that. You had all your uber Force powers, but you still had to fight half the Imperial army. Challenging and rewarding, I suppose.

    4. Most games are easy enough for me these days, so they can stay right where they are.

    5. Remake of Ocarina of Time, please. Oh, wait, then it would be on the Wii….

    6. In my favorite genre.

    7. Like I said above, spread some of the exclusivity around. Games like Metal Gear 4 deserved to sell better than 600 thousand copies. Besides, in the flagging economy, moar sales is bettar!

  14. 1.Great main quest. Gotta have a reason to push forward. Most rewards in side quests are to make the main quest easier.

    2.Spoiled ending. Video game stories don’t really impress me much anymore and even spoiled, if the ending is good (like Bioshock) it will still be moving.

    3.Difficult. I like to feel like I accomplished something.

    4. Challenge. See #4.

    5. Box set, please.


    7.either way, doesn’t bother me.

  15. 1. I’d rather have a great main quest than good side quests. You don’t go to a nice steakhouse to get really good mashed potatoes.

    2. I try not to let ridiculous overhyping of games/movies affect me, but spoilers are a definite deal breaker for me.

    3. I like my character to be a monster in the end-game. That’s not to say I don’t want the final boss to be hard, because I do, but I want to be able dominate waves of “regular” enemies.

    4. I want a little bit of difficulty, but not to the point that it’s overly frustrating. If a game has the “good suck,” it will make you WANT to do something over and over until it’s accomplished.

    5. I like to play games as they were originally intended. Remakes are neat, but never live up to the original. (Twin Snakes)

    6. I guess I’d rather have the “greatest game of all time” on my favorite console.

    7. If every great title is on every system then why even have different consoles. It’s kinda fun to have a few quality exclusives.

  16. 1. This is hard…the way I see it is a main quest can basically mean a WHOLE game. To be honest the only game I really played with a main quest like that was .hack infection. Games lie k Oblivion however have what I guess would be a ‘so so main quest”, even though it was still good, with amazing side quests. With that being said Ill look at fallout. Its story was poo poo in my opinion but the game is fun because of everything else you can do! So I guess my answer is So-so main quest with awesome side quests. Usually gives more to do.
    2. Spoiled. I bought Far Cry 2. It sucks. I feel like I got it from some hype.
    3. I don’t get what this one is asking? Looking at replies I would rather have a tough boss/challenge. Weapons are fun too though.
    4. I am wondering about COD: W@W on veteran. The game was slightly frustrating the first go through because I felt it was a challenge. Forget making it easier, games should challenge your skill. Though I look at Ace Combat 6 and think of that one mission and I must say sometimes I think we all wish for the prior.
    5. Depends. I would prob just say all the old ones.
    6. Hmmmm….In the long run console. Because that means you can have an even greater one on a DIFFERENT console. 😀 that’s smarts!
    7. Haha this one is goofy. Let it multi platform. Why not? More the merrier, and sales should be good too

  17. 1. A great main quest if it’s long other wise side quests. I enjoy more time for my dollar.
    2. To me it doesn’t matter of the ending is spoiled. So if it’s a good game I’ll take it.
    3. End of the game. Or else if it’s somewhere half way through the rest of the game feels easy.
    4. Have an easy mode but still keep it challenging for people that aren’t so….noob.
    5. A remake. As much as I fondly remember the old games if I go back now and play them they just drive me insane.
    6. I’d say in favorite genre. I have all the consoles except the wii. And it couldn’t be the greatest game of all time if it was on the wii. “Let the flam beegin”
    7. Multi platform! I want more people to enjoy games I enjoy. The more the merrier!

  18. 1. I like to invest in universes where you can feel immersed- if side quests help with that immersion, then that’s my ‘thang’. But side quests without a good main quest just feel like they’re trying to justify it- something that no video game should have to do.

    2.I HATE spoilers. Spoilers can go and… have… unclean sex with hobos. However, I’m not going to let a spoiler stop me from playing an awesome game. The question you really have to ask is this: Do you want the ending to the game to be spoiled, or the entire game to be a let-down/ waste of money? I know which I’d pick. (Canada. No question.)

    3.A bit of both, really. I love to have a challenge at the end of a game, and it creates some very dramatic opportunities- But the ‘Totalular-bad-type-ass’ game moment just feel freakin’ AWESOME. You can be all like ‘I’ma kill your mothers!’ And they’ll be like, Oh, no! AND YOU’LL BE LIKE, bllarrgh CHAINSAW.

    4.Challenge can be a very, very frustrating thing. I dislike challenge, and challenge hates me. But we cope with each other, because we know that without each other, we’d be saying goodbye in less than a week. In human terms, I think that challenge helps elongate a game. It may cause me to snap the necks of many fluffy kittens, but…

    5. Why update things when you can enjoy them as they were intended? SRSLY. Childerends typez todays.

    6. Favourite Console. I want to be able to play the best game ever, rather than watch it’s majesty from behind a £150 price tag.

    7. Multi-platform. I want more people to be able to enjoy games that could be on both systems (a la, Gears of War 2 and Metal Gear Solid 4) I want to eradicate fanboyism, but there will always be the sector that tries to justify the buying of their system. HOW I DESPISE THEM.

    Hooray for long text types!

  19. 1. Great main quest (Is there such thing as an incredible distraction? If there is, then I don’t want one in a video game).
    2. Is the first option a game that you know you like but has been spoiled? because many game endings for games I haven’t bought have been spoiled, only I never wanted to buy them in the first place. I wouldn’t care either way. If you like a game get it cause it’s not the end of the game that matters but how you get there, right?
    3. Hey, why can’t it be both?!?! If it’s not challenging enough or doesn’t look/feel cool, it won’t be climactic. But each concept alone (difficult or cool) will tend to make it anti-climactic so it’s completely a balance of both.
    4. Difficulty. This is another duel concept idea that really just works best with an even distribution of both. As of lately I’ve felt games just aren’t as hard as they used to be and the story is what’s focussed on (and I totally don’t mind that either). But then you have those games that feel too easy and have a lame story so, yeah, crank up the amp to eleven.
    5. Box set. Only other situation I’d disagree would that I’d get the new Black Mesa Mod instead of Valve’s new lifetime box set since I have pretty much all already.
    6. I’d like to say my favorite console, but I don’t even own my favorite console (yet).
    7. Does the wii make any games not exclusive to itself? I don’t know. If they would I’d imagine it wouldn’t work well or no one would be interested. Otherwise I’d totally be up for games going multi-platformed.

  20. 1) Definantly a main quest, storyline is one of the most important parts of a game for me.
    2) Refering to my first answer, spoiled ending kills 1/3 of the game(exception being mario games), over hype is ok because I can usually make myself like things, as long its still basicly good
    3) Go for the dificulty curve, bad ass characters are over played, Cortez and Chuck Norris are the only exceptions
    4) I can’t answer this, I love good storylines, but making a game easier from its intended dificulty is blasphamy(sp?). Can’t we just have FF7?
    5) ( I referenced ff before seeing this question lol) I’d say a good remake would be better.
    6) Both are good, but I’d say genre, it would inspire other good games for the genre, which lasts forever, instead of inspiring good games from a console that will be gone in less than a decade.
    7) Speaking from the wrong side of the fence on this one, I’d say making a title multi-platform would be good for everyone, but I would never expect halo to work better on anything besides Xbox.

  21. 1. Great Main quest
    I like RPGs that have more focused main quests. Though some games, like Oblivion, which have more secondary quests then the main, are fun.
    2. Overhyped
    I can say that the only game I still enjoyed though the ending was spoiled was RS: Vegas 2. Any other time I just kinda find it pointless to play, unless there are like unlockable stuff.
    3. I’d so much rather be bad-ass than have it be the hardest part.
    The games with the most pad-assery at the end would have to be Half-Life, and suprisingly the Sonic the Hedgehog games. (Super Sonic=Kick Ass)

    4. This one is rather hard. Both story and challenge are fun.I wouldn’t mind A game with more story then difficulty, but not everyone.

    5.A good remake. I wouldn’t mind seeing original games like Half-Life (which we actually will soon) or other games have a GOOD remake.

    6. Genre, indefinitely. I’m torn between my PC, Wii, and 360.

    7. Mutli-Platform. It’s nice to see some games come out for other consoles once and a while. There are some 360 games I wouldn’t mind to see on the PC, and vice-versa.

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