Spike Video Game Awards!

Just putting up a friendly reminder that the Spike Video Game Awards are going to be tonight on none other than Spike TV. Frankly, I’m a little skeptical but actually looking forward to giving this year’s a watch. It’s being put on by Geoff Keighley and GameTrailers from what I understand, and their GameTrailers TV show I find to be very professional and absent of a lot of the things that makes gaming look so lame on TV (X Play, anyone?).

It’ll be on tonight at 8pm Central time, so I’ve got it set to record. There should be a number of exclusive previews like the trailer for Uncharted 2, Grand Theft Auto DLC, and lots more.

Hopefully we can come up with some good talking points for you guys based on what happens at the show. Is anyone planning on watching?

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3 thoughts on “Spike Video Game Awards!”

  1. Them’s fighting words, Eddy!

    X-Play is an awesome show with genuinely funny content and great reviews of games.

    This year’s Spike VGA’s might actually be good, because I also enjoy Gametrailers, but having seen previous Spike Awards, I am not holding my breath. Everytime I watched it, I felt ashamed to be a gamer.

  2. Well….I dislike Jack Black. I don’t know why they picked the music thy did. And Game of The Year was a huge disagreement with me.

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