First Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO Footage

Speaking of MMO’s making people shirk their responsibilities and fall off the grid, it seems that Bioware’s KOTOR MMO has debuted with its first video documentary. What’s so special about it? Well, it has some of the first actual footage of the KOTOR MMO on it, ready for your viewing.

It actually doesn’t show all that much, which makes sense this early on, but even still, I’m intrigued. Anybody else interested in this?

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5 thoughts on “First Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO Footage”

  1. As a huge fan of KOTOR and Mass Effect, I WILL be getting this. Although I’m a little iffy on the art style, I hope they don’t get too cartoonish.

  2. Dude to be honest, I would play this. I can only imagine KOTOR as an MMO. Even if the graphics were just the same, I think if they stuck with how that game was…OH MAN it would be PIMP.

    But alas. I am done with MMOs, especially if I have to pay for it. 🙁

    As I watch this though….it really makes me want to play it.

  3. The visual’s are bad. and this puts me off. i think that graphics arn’t essential, but you can’t play starwars battlefront origional because it just looks so aweful.

    i’m very sorry to have to say this but it’s going to be like Mass Effect. very ambitious, lots of hope and dreams and it’s going to have so much potential and then i’s going to crash and burn. and for that i am truly sorry.

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