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Monday night was a weird night. After watching my beloved Tampa Bay Bucs get pounded by the Carolina Panthers, I noticed it was about midnight. I drove up the road to Blockbuster and purchased The Dark Knight and went home to watch it. I decided to check my email first, though, to see if there were any emails from Eddy telling me how great my posts are.

Alas, none from Eddy (probably busy playing Little Orphan Eddy by replaying Fallout 3’s opening tutorial) but I did receive an email from Sony, which brought a brief moment of panic. Had they finally noticed how awesome I am at all their games and sent me a Cease and Desist Pwning email? But no, wrongo. It was an invite to the Playstation Home Beta! I knew my awesomeness would be recognized eventually.

My first thought was, “Crap, now I’m going to be up really late watching The Dark Knight and playing Home”. So I downloaded and installed Home while I jumped in the shower, made sure there were no new Jessica Alba pictures to download on the InterGoogle and sat down to go…Home.

I was greeted with the option to choose a pre-made avatar or make my own. Now, I am lazy, but the whole point of this thing is to customize your own persona online. So, with options being limited due to it being a beta, I did the best I could and I now have a pretty handsome devil, though he is without my trademark goatee, which kind of vexes me. I’m vexed and hairless on my face. Not off to a good start. However, I am an understanding chap and since I know this is justย a beta, I don’t let it bother me.

So I appear in my apartment, a sparsely furnished modern setting, located near the ocean, with a beautiful balcony view. Clearly, I have good taste and a steady income. After walking around my new digs, I quickly realize there isn’t much to do here. Time to explore! I download the other areas available and set out. First, the Central Plaza. This seems like it will be the main hub of Home. All the cool places you will want to visit will be accessed from here. At least, I think so. I am not too sure what this is really going to be like. I head over to the Mall, thinking I might get some new stuff for my place. Alas, nothing was for sell in any of the stores I went into. After striking out at three of them, I bailed and went bowling.

Now this was more like it. Tons of people playing pool, arcade games (all original, nothing interesting) and bowling, of course. I decided to partake in a game and found it to be pretty fun. A decent diversion, but nothing I would want to play often. I walked up to a few random people and dance and flexed for them, which was good for a few moments of fun. Then I plugged my headset in and talked like Borat for about 10 minutes to random passerbys. “Very nice, how much?” never really got old.

After that, back to the Central Plaza where I discovered the Media Center. My Borat wannabe entered and saw what looked like a movie theater with a video about Socom playing. Pretty cool, but not sure if I would want to watch videos like this all the time. Especially with all the people milling around, some of them with crappy headsets, shouting: “Yo, fool, you got the weed?” Yes, I really heard that.

After that, I looked all around but could not really find anything else to do. Honestly, for a free service, Home is pretty cool, I just don’t really know what to make of it. When there are game specific areas, I imagine that will be pretty awesome, but until then there is not that much to do. As a community based social setting, it has potential, but from what I have seen of people online, I would rather not get social with most of them. Far more fun to shoot them in the head on Call of Duty.

Once the system is set up to organize games from Home, that will be neat, but it still seems like it would be faster to just boot up the game and dive in. Right now, I am cautiously optimistic about Home. I just need to see more. But it is worth a look, no doubt.

Have any of you guys taken advantage of the open beta and gone Home?

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10 thoughts on “Anthony Goes Home”

  1. Ha, very entertaining write up, Anthony. The thought of your Borat dude walking around asking “How much” is extremely funny. I’ll have to check this out later, now that I believe it has launched to everyone.

    What was the video quality like in the media center? That’s something I’ve been very curious about.

  2. They call it free. But if you want clothes or furniture you have to pay for it. So I can see Sony making lots of money on people just buying 99 cent couches.

  3. [quote comment=”2939″]They call it free. But if you want clothes or furniture you have to pay for it. So I can see Sony making lots of money on people just buying 99 cent couches.[/quote]

    Maple Story pulls the same stuff. Frankly, you might as well buy $50-worth of stuff on Home and then say that you have XBox LIVE.

  4. i had a good time bowling in home today. for an expierement i made a female character . sat in the theater for 10 minutes and by that time i had 20 guys yelling “GANG BANG!!!” so its disappointing to see desperate people like that. dont mind my crappy writing im to lazy to capitalize and punctuate when using the PS3

  5. I can’t get logged in but all my friends can ๐Ÿ™ Oh well, I’ve been preoccupied with Resistance 2 so I don’t really care.

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