RTS Goodness: Dawn of War II Trailer

I haven’t played an RTS in a while, but Dawn of War always tempted me. Dawn of War II looks to be just as epic, just as space-ish, and just as awesome, if not more so. The new trailer shows off tons of cool units and lots of gameplay. Did any of you guys play the first one?

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4 thoughts on “RTS Goodness: Dawn of War II Trailer”

  1. Space Marines FTW!! but, I don’t see any dramatic changes… I hate to say, but I think Halo wars looks better than this… I don’t know. :/

  2. Oh, man, I love me some Dawn of War. I played the first one a lot. Relic has really done a number on me; CoH and DoW may be too much awesome RTS for me to handle. (a lot of acronyms in that last sentence…)

    I really liked the persistent bodies from the first DoW. More often than not, the battlefield would be a thick blanket of Orks before I finished.

    I may be a tad biased as I am the proud owner a Black Templar army, but DoW can definitely stand on its own even if you aren’t a Games Workshop fan.

  3. I love the first one, the Warhammer 40K universe is awesome. I love the first one, even though Im not that great at it.

    This one is going to be 1000x as good.l The graphics are actually designed to be something that everyone CANT play. This time you have to have a decent system to get everything out of the game. Plus its no longer buildup from the ground like most RTS games. You get your squad, build to it, but if you dude dies, bye bye. Also the unit customization is amazing, so like that vid shows, you get to choose what equipment they have (they better stick to that) so in theory you can have different version of the perfect squad. I think it is going to be unbelievably epic.

    One of the funnest parts about games like that are watching the units fight. They all have fun animations. This one…look at the graphics and compare. Its going to be staggeringly beautiful & bloody!

  4. As a long time 40k player, I thought I’d be more excited about DoW2, but from what I’ve seen… it just doesn’t feel right.
    I dunno what it is, but the first DoW looked so much more like the 40k I’m used to and enjoy. This new one just doesn’t look dark or gothic enough.
    And whatever happened to Gabriel Angelos from the first one!?! That guy was the awesome!

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