GamerSushi Asks: Best Gaming Moments, 2008

Over the next few weeks, we’re hoping to put together a couple of features regarding “best of” for 2008, but we still have a few other questions we’d like to hit you up with. This week’s question: what are your favorite gaming moments from this year? It can be something that happened in multiplayer, a moment in a story from a single player game, anything.

For me, I’d have to say that the opening of Fallout 3 really blew me away. I know a lot of people got bored with the childhood thing, but after Oblivion I honestly wasn’t expecting a story. To have the game open the way it did, bringing me into a world that I felt immersed in, and having the character born into it, was just a creative and cool concept. Also, I’d have to throw some Left 4 Dead moments in there, because those just rule.

What about you guys?

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  1. There was a pretty cool thing I stumbled upon in the Capital Wasteland. I was in the middle of the wastes, when I come across two escaped slaves and two ghoul wastelanders in a square pointing guns at each other, and in the middle was a big, white fridge. It turns out there was some purified water in the fridge, but the complete inanity of the moment blew me away.

  2. MGS4 was the highlight of my year. A beautifully ridiculous and unfathomable plot with superb graphics and tightly honed controls made it the 4th time I’ve said “That was worth £40 (or $60 in you Americans case).” Next year (providing Insomniac continue swapping between their main titles) I’m guessing Rachet and Clank will top my charts with all new Quarktastikness! Right Anthony?

  3. Well, I’d have to say that one of the highlights of my year was with “The Force Unleashed.” When I played it, I truly felt like the force was in my command (although aiming system was poor and some of the battles were either pointless or tough at first.) Also I’d have to say that AudioSurf was another biggie. I first played the demo, and I was instantly pulled into it. I felt like I was on a roller coaster ride. The fact that I could choose my own music was what really got it, and it practically kept me in my room for three days playing it.

  4. Pretty much all of mine have came from single player experiences. The first one was when I put in GTA IV on the day it came out and you see that huge remake of Liberty City, and you think, wow…so many possibilities. I was a little disappointed when I found out how few possibilities there were, but it was still a fun time. Also, GoW2 had a huge effect on me. I know a lot of people don’t really talk about or get into the campaign, but when the video starts playing of the Chairman’s speech, I was like, what if this happened to us? And there actually are things living under us? It’s the first game that’s actually made me think so deeply about the story line and really get into it. Ok, I’m done rambling…

  5. My best moments are from any kind of online gameing. I always think about who am I playing with and where they from. And all these people around the world playing games at the same time at the same place, wouldn’t be believable for the people who live at the World War. I think it’s jus amazing to me.
    If Hitler had online gaming, I think he wouldn’t kill all those people. Seriously, I do think so. 😀

  6. I can’t really think of just one amazing moment this year, so…

    Nothing is more shocking and frustrating than getting killed right as you’re about to GET TO THA CHOPPAH! in Left 4 Dead.

    The first time I got bayonet’d by a Japanese ambush Banzai Warriah I was totally shocked. I could barely react. One instant you’re on the ground, the next you have a large sharp object embedded in your heart. Of course I got better with countering the bayonet attacks, and THAT is a gruesome kill. Very rewarding.

    In Gears of War 2, my favorite part was when Carmine – the new one – dies a hero. Unlike his brother who simply gets sniped because he can’t press RB fast enough, the new Carmine bravely holds off the Locust as the chopper prepares to dust off. I always had a nagging feeling that this Carmine was going to die like his brother, but at least the new Carmine died doing something.

    Once I get Fallout 3 I’ll be able to experience the early years.

  7. Two in Gears. When the Chairman gave his speech and led the COG to war, and when Dom found his wife. Both extremely moving moments that I didn’t expect to find in a Gears game.

  8. Fallout 3 had many, obviously, but I’m gonna go with Left 4 Dead as the cake-taker. Smokers make for so many great moments.

  9. Interesting that you would choose Fallout. I would have expected something different. But you bring up a great point.

    I also agree that opening it up with childbirth and the growing up thing was a great immersion tool. I liked it, it really got you into things (where as oblivion has you just show up (even so I liked Oblivion’s opening too)) Great choice there

    If I had to choose one it would have to be the opening to COD: W@W. Seriously I love WWII. Seeing a game on a 1080p TV that deals with WWII and was that graphically awesome, just made my day. Plus it used a level transition that I find completely unique. Its amazing! I would just say the first level and the transition before and after had me giddy.

    Haha or I could say the worst had to be when I found out that the story ending in Fallout 3 SUCKS! hahaha I think the story was pretty good, but the ending was poop!

  10. In Call of duty 4 when the helicopter was shot down during the nuke explosion. That was epic. First time i experienced a player character die on porpuse

  11. well, not had much time for games this year, where do you guys find it?!!! I did get chance to eventually finish HL2 Episode 2 and the story line really grabbed me. The ending was so intense, loved it!

  12. [quote comment=”2827″]In Call of duty 4 when the helicopter was shot down during the nuke explosion. That was epic. First time i experienced a player character die on porpuse[/quote]
    Me too I replayed the bit where you die 5 times to see if I could survive! Epic it was.

  13. I have one that just happened on Sunday.


    the part where you get saved by the Little Sisters and you see them in their home, playing, drawing with chalk on the floor…

    I felt such a great feeling at having saved them all and I felt even more protective of them after seeing them play. I honestly vowed to save every one of them right then and there.

    And I am.

  14. Almost everyone is talking about FO3, in my opinion, WOW’s zombie infections on November really was fun and probably my favourite.

  15. This may be more than a year but after killing all those strykers at the end of HL2:E2 i was escatic. I felt so accopmlished. the ending of that game was just so shocking.. it really left u on the hook for eppie 3. And the still alive song for portal was great too.. Didn’t expect that maybe Adrian Sheppard is in the mix?

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