Ludacris Says to “Press the Start Button”

This is one of those things that needs almost no description. You just have to listen to it for yourself. I’ll still attempt a brief summary, though. In the new Ludacris album (the Netherlands release), there is a song called “Press the Start Button”, in which he raps about nearly ever freaking video game on the planet. Not quite, but close enough.

See how many references you can catch, because when he started dropping Contra and MGS bombs into the mix, I was shocked and/or awed.

Edit: By the way, this is totally NSFW.


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6 thoughts on “Ludacris Says to “Press the Start Button””

  1. “I’m a god of war, you just a guitar hero”


    Thats good. Hey check out a song by the Deftones, its an instrumental song, but the title makes it awesome:


    30 lives FTW!

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