New Riddick: Dark Athena Multiplayer Details

I’ve always said that if I could meet one famous person, I’d meet Vin Diesel, because I’m convinced we’d be friends. Seriously. He’s a true nerd at heart, and even knows some D & D madness. Needless to say, the opportunity to play as him in a video game is an exciting one indeed.

Some new details have started to trickle down about some of the new multiplayer modes in the next Chronicles of Riddick game, and they sound pretty interesting. Of course, you have the customary 12-man-deathmatch, where everyone gets their frag on. Beyond that though are some CTF gametypes as well as a prison riot mode, where several teams face off in a battle royale.

The coolest mode, though, sounds more like a Splinter Cell gametype, in that several prison guards hunt down one player (Riddick) in pitch black. They have flashlights and guns. He has night vision, blades and is awesome. This mode really sounds like it could rule. It’s nice to hear of something beyond the standard CTF or deathmatch. What do you guys think?

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2 thoughts on “New Riddick: Dark Athena Multiplayer Details”

  1. As stated before, Vin Diesel is nice hunk of man, as ‘Trose might say. Gay allusions to your series, this makes Dark Athena sound cooler. Stealth games are fun, but Multiplayer Stealth games are super fun! And I didn’t convince myself into getting MGS4, so I’m lucky for not having redundant titles.
    Speaking of MGS4, the Splinter Cell-ish gametype sounds like the gametype in MGS4 where it was one team vs another team vs Snake. Anyway, once again – cool. I can basically play MGS4 but with Vin Diesel and the lack of blockbuster-length cutscenes. Oh, and Prison Riot sounds cool. It’s like Gears of War 2’s Wingman 2 vs 2 vs 2 vs 2 vs 2. I wonder how big the teams will be… Even if it’s just two, that’d be badass to play as Vin Diesel and have another guy cover your back and such.

    So, I’m excited. I hope it doesn’t suck. Oh, psh, come on. It’s VIN FRIGGIN DIESEL!

  2. Sounds neat. I thought the SC multilayer was really innovative. Thing was, I sucked as the SC agent. I was awesome as a MERC. I just sucked as a spy. But as the merk, I killed well lol

    This should be fun to see 😀

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