Ghostbusters Trailer Shows Ghosts, Busting

When there’s something strange, in the neighborhood… Who you gonna call?

Addictive song aside, this trailer actually arouses an incredible fanboy lust inside my nerdy heart. The Ghostbusters franchise is one that I love, and I’ve always felt that there was lots of untapped potential there in terms of more stories for the crew. This game will feature 4 player co-op from what I’m told. Just don’t cross the streams!

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6 thoughts on “Ghostbusters Trailer Shows Ghosts, Busting”

  1. I think it’s actually 5 co-op… if that’s possible… i didn’t read up on it, but in this game, you play as a fresh recruit guy… i think i read girl is only limited to wii version… and if my memory serves me right, there were 4 original members of ghostbusters…

  2. [quote comment=”2716″]This looks like a video game remake of the first movie. But I’m not complainin’![/quote]

    It’s actually a sequel to both movies.

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