Wii’s Best Games of 2008 Are Kind of Lame

It’s no secret around these interwebz that while I respect the Wii’s bone-crushing grip on the marketplace this generation, I have a strong disdain for its gaming lineup and its gimmicky system. I will admit that it has served up a couple of titles that moved some small part of me to want to play, but overall, I have been a disappointed heap of a person.

Seeing Wired’s Top 5 Wii Games of 2008 only confirms these feelings of bitterness. I mean, besides Super Smash Bros. Brawl, this list has virtually no substance. This is not me disagreeing with the list. This is me completely agreeing that these are the 5 best games that Nintendo had to offer, and being horribly saddened by that realization.

What do you guys think? Will Nintendo redeem itself in 2009?

Source- Wired

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11 thoughts on “Wii’s Best Games of 2008 Are Kind of Lame”

  1. I ask you, how does SSBB qualify as having substance? It’s a shameless cashing in on a successful franchise. It does nothing significantly new, and, quite frankly, I think it belongs at the bottom of a very deep hole.

    I was just happy to see a list mostly free of Nintendo’s game clones. It’s well known that every Zelda game since Ocarina of Time is trying to be Ocarina of Time, and this rule applies to most other of their intellectual properties.

    However, I do agree with your general sentiment: how does a console with such a suck catalouge of games still manage to be the #1 seller?

  2. i don’t think the wii has anything going. it has no unique features or game. the interactivity can be found in the eyetoy. ps3 and xbox have better shoters and rpg’s. the controller being used as a wheel in racing games is no biggie. it’s bad and other consoles have wheels as well.
    i was very dissapointed with my wii

  3. Well by substance, I really meant “any game that is worth a damn”, haha.

    It’s so weird. Like, with every other console at the holiday season’s end, I have a game that I’m looking forward to for the next year. For the 360 I can’t wait for Mass Effect 2 or Resident Evil 5, for the PS3 I want FFXIII, Uncharted 2 or God of War III, for the Wii… I have no idea what’s coming out.

  4. Well, the Wii is kind of lame. I haven’t used it in months. Seriously, its pretty much a failure in my mind. All the potential that they are letting waste away.

    Its ok though, I can play cooking instructor and stuff on my DS, so much more fun!!


  5. Once AGAIN, refer to my Nintendo Declination thesis.
    Frankly, these top 5 Wii games of 08 were the ONLY Wii games worth mentioning this year. Sad to say, but the Wii’s library makes me cry. Nintendo used to be awesome! Ugh…
    In a few years or maybe decades, I’m going to sell my Wii. It’ll be worth a lot more.

  6. For the 360 and the PS3, it’s hard to pick the best, since there’s all kinds of awesome games. Wii, on the other hand, they hav to roll a dice to pick…

  7. Brawl was fun for a little bit, but there’s still something special about 64 version… I love the 64 Smash Brothers.

  8. People used to say I was crazy when I said nintendo was going down. Of course, you just have to look at their DS line up – chock full of remakes. With the Wii, I like the idea, and it’s implemented well, but no matter how neat the console is, it’s the games that matter. Case in point, the PS3 which started as a blu-ray player and has evolved into a gaming system through excellent recent titles.

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