1Up.com’s Lessons Learned Online

We have all turned on our respective consoles for a nice relaxing game of Call of Duty, Halo or Madden and suddenly been bombarded by little redneck 12 year old wannabe gangsters telling us how gay we are for not being better at a video game. Never mind that these kids are still waiting for the testicles to finally drop and have never seen a boobie up close, not counting their mom. It can ruin a night of gaming because no amount of pwnage shuts them up.

1Up.com was nice enough to compile a list of things they learned through their 360 headset. I found this to be a pretty funny and insightful list, especially the part about babies crying in the background. I was very excited to get online but once I met the online community of racist, homophobic douchebags, I recoiled.

What do you guys think of this list and have you had similar experiences online?

Source: 1up.com

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  1. Ha, I love that list. My only regret is that my time-traveling dad destroyed his time machine in a fit of homophobic, racist rage while my past self cried in the background.

    I always play with my mic plugged in, but resting on the table with the volume down so I don’t have to hear the inane chatter of functionally disabled wanksters. Online can be fun, provided that you’re willing to pretend to be a mute.

  2. Agreed, but it’s an unfortunate fact the the brainless masses far outnumber those of us who actually want to talk about the game, not what my mom does at 8PM on Fridays.

    In those rare games where I do find a group of gamers who aren’t just playing Halo to mouth off to strangers, I have a great time, and usually end up with a few more names on my friends list.

  3. Yeah, I saw this in the 1UP magazine. It’s funny because they write it in a gullible fashion – but what’s more funny, and saddening, is that it is very, very, VERY true.
    Frankly, I cannot count the number of times I had to sit in a Lobby or Deathroom with pre-pubescent products of broken condoms screaming about how they are gay, suck balls, racially inferior, or usually all of the above. I have a hard time believing they understand what they’re saying. I really fear for the future if gaming turns into a battleground over the headset filled with F-Bombs, racism, homophobia, flat-out gratuity, or worst of all: a mess of the pre-pubescent spawn of parents who didn’t beat their child enough.
    I know I might sound harsh, but with the kind of anonymity that exists online, all one has to go on for a person’s personality is their voice. And their kill-death ratio.

  4. I like owning these ‘gangsta’ kids. When they come online they grief every other player and thinks he’s the center of the world. But then, me and my friends thought up a lil plan and started to knife the little mitch to death. It was so funny when he started whining and then left the game.
    So, you jus hav to fight back dudes noob or not your older than him 🙂

  5. It was hilarious when this kid started to spout racial insults about black people, and then an ACTUAL black person was on. The black guy totally owned the kid. 😀 It was hilarious. Otherwise, I just play with the volume off whenever someone is a douche. At least in steam games you can mute the player lol.

  6. *rolls eyes*

    I’m okay with the occasional insult tossed around, but these guys must seriously think it’s their job to spit out as much degrading chatter as possible in a second. It literally makes me want to cry and barf at the same time.

  7. I own a PS3 and for the games I own that have online, its pretty quiet (Warhawk and Little Big Planet)

    But I do remember one time on Warhawk when some kid kept sending messages bitching about how the Clan that I was in had the same tag as his Clan. He told me that I had better change it and he was typing so bad that I could barely make out what he was trying to tell me (CHNGE TAG NW! NO /V\, AA BTTR!) Though he was cussing before and making a huge deal out of it. I was like, shit! this kid is making himself sound like a dumbass.

    You should add me, PSN – Tiko56

  8. [quote comment=”2657″][quote comment=”2656″] knife the little mitch to death. It was so funny [/quote]


    HAHAHAHAH!! omg sry dude! oh man thats bad…

  9. It’s sad just how true this list is. I would rather just play in a private party than listen to people online anymore, and it shouldn’t have to be that way.

  10. made me laugh that i got someone pretending to be gangsta, then at the end of the game (he hadn’t said anyhting racist or homaphobic) told his fellow “gangstas” he was black and had reported them all for homophobia and racism. i was cracking up for hours.

  11. [quote comment=”2697″]It’s sad just how true this list is. I would rather just play in a private party than listen to people online anymore, and it shouldn’t have to be that way.[/quote]

    I completly agree. But sadly this is how its been. I think its pretty bad because one thing I think they could have talked about it how when you do run into the 10 year old who’s mouth is now filthy from playing Xbox Live, it causes kids much older to go into a rage against them, as though the young player is outdoing them over the internet and challenging their manhood!

    Luckily xbox live did that with parties, the sad part is, for games like EndWar, it disables the ability to use voice commands. But, luckily Microsoft pulled its head from its butt and realized that 5 one way chat channels was…useless.

    Worst game for this kind of stuff? Sadly Id say Halo. The gangster bit bothers me the most. It screams most ignorance.

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