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Christmas is the time of year for wish lists. It’s often fun to ruminate on the things you’d like the most, put them all down, and hope that perhaps, you’ll get all those things you desire. This is no different for video games, particularly when we start talking about sequels.

The guys over at AtomicGamer have done just that in regards to Mass Effect 2, creating a wish list for the things that they would like to see in the follow-up to Bioware’s sprawling space opera RPG. The list includes all kinds of goodies like more alien races, visiting alien home planets, more tactical combat, unique weaponry, less linear storytelling and then some.

Personally, I’d love to see more consequences for the things that you choose in the game, as well as better sidequests with more variety. I simply loved the dialogue points, and I’d like to have even more to do and more people to interact with in such a brilliantly sculpted universe. What about you guys? What do you want to see from Mass Effect 2?

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6 thoughts on “The Mass Effect 2 Wish List”

  1. I’d like to see the characters from the previous Mass Effect return in the sequel to lend a hand and kick more geth ass!

    Plus new cooler armour. Other than that, I’m groovy with it.

  2. I loved Mass Effect. As good as it was, there are definitely quite a few things that BioWare can improve for the sequel.

    1. Better side-quests! Man, if I have to slaughter mercenaries through the same underground bunker one more time, or collect space rocks….

    2. More customizable options for your gun/armor. If you add a sensor module to your gun, you should get a different looking weapon, maybe with a bulky-looking sensor suite underneath the grip? Just something to add a bit more variety to the equipment.

    3. Visiting alien home worlds is key. I’d love to see Palavin, the turian home world, or visit the krogan world, which is probably just a giant crater with talking dinosaurs.

    4. Moar Seth Green!

  3. Mass Effect 1 was quite disappointing personally because the combat was bad. It just felt very clunky and blaaah. I found myself wishing I could just skip combat sequences and go to the dialogue. I WANTED TO EXPERIENCE THE STORY!! I had to play on Easy difficulty because the Mako land rover was PATHETIC!! I could do more damage with a pistol than the Mako’s turret. The Mako handled poorly and I toppled over more times than went in a straight line.
    Frankly, what BioWare should do is work in conjunction with, say, Epic, so they can improve the cover system and from that the entire game will probably operate easier. If they actually focus on the shooter aspect, I won’t cry as much. Although sometimes people would say, “Oh, give BioWare a break – Mass Effect is an RPG, and they weren’t experienced with shooters.” I mean COME ON! It’s a TPS! They better know what they’re doing!
    Mass Effect could have been my favorite game evarrr, but I almost returned the game. I didn’t, because I can wait until ME2 comes out. Hopefully they’ll improve the combat systems, make the story just as awesome – and of course better – and make the Mako NOT SUCK plz.
    OH! And the equipment. Man that was tedious! Especially because I had to settle for crappy default armor more most of the game. But what really made me raise my brow was the add-on upgrade thingies. I sorta got the jist of it after reading a guide, but it still felt like I was wasting all this time getting my children ready for their first day of kindergarten when I’d still just die because I’m getting raped because First-Aid doesn’t do shite.
    And actually I played as a Soldier the first time around because I knew the magic stuff would be too tedious in the heat of battle – because I am a simple-minded person – so I decided that Assault Rifles and Sniper Rifles are pretty. Unfortunately, the Sniper Rifle handled like a piece o’ crap. I CAN’T STEADY MAH AIM?! What?!?!!? Ugh. The weapons were all the same, and there were no attachments. I’m not talking about suppressors or red dot sights…well maybe a little, but you know; a grenade launcher that shoots big explosive…goo…would be awesome!

    Um, I could go on, but that’s the main complaints. So BioWare, in conclusion, I PRAY FOR THE PHOO WHO DON’T FIX MAH GAMES!

  4. more variety for side-quests and more templates for bunkers and mines and stuff. That was far too repetetive!

    Besides that ME was pretty awesome. (Spoiler-alert!) I’d like more drama, like the situation in the end , when you had to leave the evelator and fight on the inner-hull of the citadel.

    The characters definatly have to come back again, and you’d need to get to know them better.

    I like Mitch’s idea about customisation. Paint your armor the way you want it, and make extensions on your weapons change the way it looks. I think that would be great.

    AtomicGamers list looks good. Can’t wait to see how ME2 shapes up…

  5. Cossack69 you must suck pretty bad at that game if you had to play on easy… I’ve finished it on all difficulties besides the hardest one which im doing now. What do you mean you were stuck with default armour the whole game… After my first plathrough myself and 2 party members had full shields on advanced armor… and how could you not grasp the customizing system for your weapons, all you had to do was scroll down and press A on the item you wanted then scroll right to the other spot to install a new upgrade

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