GamerSushi Asks: What Did You Play?

As we all know, Thanksgiving, and the holidays in general, are a time where we get some much needed down-time for not only family and eating, but also getting in some good gaming time before we go back to the grind. In addition, Black Friday brings the opportunity to save on systems, devices and games that we’ve been waiting to play.

Over the weekend, I mainly played the junk out of Left 4 Dead, along with some Dead Space, and even a little bit of Halo 3 for good measure. I flirted just a tad with Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core on the PSP. Left 4 Dead is still blowing me away due to its awesome versus modes (a coordinated zombie attack is bliss) and sheer replayability. And the only thing Black Friday yielded was a few DVDs and Kung Fu Panda on BluRay.

What about you guys? What did you play for the extended break? Anything you wanted to play more of? Get anything for Black Friday? Answer away!

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11 thoughts on “GamerSushi Asks: What Did You Play?”

  1. I really want to play Left 4 dead. Never got to play it yet cause of the Junkieness of my PC. So… mostly Gmod and CS:S *sadface* Better than nothing I guess

  2. I played a TON of Gears of War 2. That game has so much to do in it, I’ll be popping it in years from now.

  3. I played some endwar.

    Chris, Gabe, Greg, and I own the game and have been playing. Its gotten frustrating as of late though since our side is winning and about to take America. We are running into more pricks, people who KIA your units. The game is tons of fun, the little details they add in only make it better. Its just frustrating. Imagine if you lvl 80 WoW char could get KIA and start over at lvl 10 or something. You spend time ranking units up to have them get killed. The game still is fun though.

    And some Halo 3 last night, woo!

    I also got a 1080p TV and W@W WOOOOO! So now W@W and Gears 2 are ready to be played

  4. I finally cracked and bought an Xbox 360 for myself on black friday. So i’ve been playing that with friends all weekend. Yesterday (Sunday) i spent literally all day playing Rainbow Six Vegas 2 with a friend on co-op campaign and Terrorist hunts. That game is AMAZING! It’s the first Rainbow Six game i’ve ever actually enjoyed for more than a half hour. Then i played Gears 1 and CoD4 with friends and by myself. So far I’m thinking the $500 was well worth it. 🙂

  5. Nine hour CS 1.6 binge? Probably the biggest waste of a friday seeing as i was doing terrible after an hour.

    Prince of Persia will be mine.

  6. They should probably call it Red Friday or Blood Friday because that poor guy got trampled to death because apparently his life was less important than $50 VCR’s. Friggin’ consumerist pigs… Oh, and because BLACK Friday is racist. Yes. Ahem.

    Anyway, I basically wasted my day leveling up in CoD:WaW. Best waste of nine hours EVARRR! I’m almost ready to prestige because I was raping people with my Garand when I was the last man standing in S&D for probably 60% of my playing time. It’s funny because the enemy let’s down their guard when there’s only one guy left to deal with. I either took my time for a clean headshot or swiftly shanked that Mike Foxtrot. Cool beans it was. Very cool. Chill, in fact.

  7. Alright guys, i’m glad you posted this because it is a good time for me to vent.

    I played a good 8 hours of Left 4 Dead over the break but like 25% of it wasn’t even enjoyable. I have the PC version of L4D and lately all the servers have been crapping out. I think it is something with the server configs Valve gives to servers because it isn’t just one server it is literally every server you play in. So I was instead playing some SourceForts for HL2 and some Dead Space. It was still good none the less.


  8. Haha, congrats on the purchases, dudes. Pretty nuts that so many of you guys are playing Left 4 Dead. I wish I had another day so I can get some more Fable II time in.

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