Black Mesa Source Trailer Is In-Freaking-Credible

Seriously. This is just too cool for words. In another case of “awesome fan made shizzle”, a new trailer has come out from the dudes over at BlackMesaSource, the Half-Life 2 Mod that re-creates Half-Life 1 with graphics straight from the Source engine. The result? I just made up a new word for it. Fantastic-ness.

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19 thoughts on “Black Mesa Source Trailer Is In-Freaking-Credible”

  1. Hooolyy Mackerel-andy! I’ve been waiting for this a looong time. True Fantastic-ness in here.
    (I look up in the dictionary and there was no ‘Fantastic-ness’. Your the first one dude! Go get a novel prize!)

  2. o man ive been waiting for this mod for the past 2 years…i mean its so crazy that their re-doing EVERYTHING…this mod looks epic

  3. I too have been following this mod for well over a year. It seems like a long time for a mod, but what they’re really doing is remaking the game…minus the design process. Looks like they’re doing an amazing job, too.

  4. Yeah, some of the stuff in that trailer is just unbelievable to look at. I hear they’re also extending some of the cutscenes and such. They’ve got some good voice talent, too.

  5. So this is something that hooks up to Steam right? ill look more into it later, Im in class right now haha.

    Funny HL story, i didnt finish the game…I didnt get out of the lab. Why? I played it back when I had never played a game like it really. So I got to a point where I wouldn’t figure out where to go. I simply could not figure out where to go…so I stopped XD

    I wanna try it though

  6. Seriously?
    Oh my god that was SO COOL. Loved the dialog and voice acting and everything really. Looked fantastic.
    Can’t wait to play this.

  7. I too have been watching this mod grow for about a year and a half now. Its going to be so good.

    Anybody else get the feeling they were watching a movie trailer with those graphics at the reactor core? I never realized the power of Source…

  8. Damn.

    I had forgotten how many iconic moments there were in Half-Life, but each of the scenes in the trailer brought me right back to those moments playing through the original. It will be interesting to see how much the tension gets to me now, after Dead Space etc…HL was probably the most tense, suspenseful game I had ever played back when it first came out.

  9. lols Snowman7 its nobel prize XD

    anyways good trailer maybe gonna replay HL in this game even though i hate replays. HL is just too darn good not to replay though.

  10. Wow, that is looking fantastic. I loved the original Half-Life; I sometimes still play it when I’m feeling particularly “old school”.

    The visuals in the trailer just blow me away, especially after Gordon leaves the sewer tunnel and exits onto a dusty mesa as the jets flash by. Beautiful.

    Valve should really offer these guys jobs. I’ll reserve judgment until I get my hands on it, but these guys definitely deserve some serious accolades.

  11. I never got my hands on a copy of Half-Life 1, so Black Mesa: Source sounds extremely intriguing!

    I wonder if “Freeman’s Mind” – a hilarious Machinima where Freeman narrates in his mind – will switch to BMS instead of HL1.

    Anyway, I’m puh-syched!

  12. That looks freakin awesoeme. Haven’t heard of this project until now, but it’s lookin very, very, good. As for Freeman’s Mind, I doubt Ross Scott will switch his medium to this. I think it would lose some of its charm.

  13. Yeah, watching this trailer again, I would even be willing to pay for this mod. Valve has a history of hiring talented community devs though, so we’ll see what happen. Anyone remember that HL mod called Counter Strike?

  14. [quote comment=”2576″]
    I wonder if “Freeman’s Mind” – a hilarious Machinima where Freeman narrates in his mind – will switch to BMS instead of HL1.

    He might, but sometimes people like to stick with the classics. That will be cool tho!

  15. Yes Eddy; CS will live forever!

    I’ve never finished hl1 either, it’s too ugly trying to play through it… but this makes me want it NOW. Can’t wait to finaly play through the first game.

  16. omfg, i am stunned. i did not know that such a product was in the making. this looks insane. can’t wait to get this.

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