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So Left 4 Dead is out and I’ve been playing the junk out of it. What I can’t deal with about the game (in a good way) is just how epic everything is when you’re playing with a group of friends, battling zombies in campaign or becoming them in versus mode. I’ve played the game for hours already with no signs of letting up anytime soon.

As you know, if you’ve played the game, the thing that’s just awesome is that each playthrough is different, resulting in wildly imaginative tales after your harrowing escapes. I thought it would be a good time to recount some of ours.

I think one of my favorite stories is the time when all of us were surviving on the hospital roof, throwing off waves of zombies, smiting them with our mighty boomsticks.

Unfortunately, just my brother and I made it out of the melee in time for the helicopter to arrive, at which point we hobbled towards the helipad. Just as we did, zombies spilled out of every corner of the rooftop and we shotgunned our way to freedom. Or so we thought. Just as I got to the edge of the helipad, a tongue shoots out and I get pulled by a smoker all the way off the landing, and to my death. My brother was screaming for me, but it never saved me.

So- what’s your favorite Left 4 Dead moment so far? Feel free to share!

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  1. My best moment is probably playing as a Tank on the roof of No Mercy.

    The Survivors were holding their own but then I appeared and hit Zoey straight off the roof. After that I merely began to hit the other Survivors, unfortunately they killed me.

    Luckily later on I was chosen to be the Tank again. This time I only had to take down one Survivor.

    Unfair odds feel good.

  2. ^^ I have many good L4D stories but my favourte one has to be in versus mode, on the No Mercy Hospital roof. Just as all the people are at the top of the ladder going outside, wait until they are all going off the side (I am a smoker), hide behind the little chimney thing, spawn. Grab a survivor when the other 3 are off the building and then the guy who you grabbed has to be left 4 dead cause no-one can save him. 😛 you have to time it right for it to work though.

  3. My favourite moment…When we fought of the hordes of flesh hungry infected in the riverside’s second floor, we heard the horn. We were all excited, being alive all four, and jumped off the balcony into the water, to make our hasty escape. One of us was humped by a hunter, and hordes of infected kicked him to death, we were running, when suddenly a tank popped and punched another of us. Only me and my friend were running for the ship, as my friend climbed it, i ran backwards on the bridge shotgunning the infected. A as i was about to climb the ship and escape, the tank was running to me, and i got a tongue around me, dragging me to the water, making my friend the only escapee.

  4. Left 4 Dead does rule. My favorite story was on the level Blood Harvest (I think that’s the name; if I’m wrong, it’s the one on the farm).
    BTW, My favorite character is Bill, and my favorite infected is the Hunter.

    We had just finished scrambling out of the wheat field, with still a sizable horde behind us. Our shotguns and M16’s blazing, we finally got to the house where we signaled the extraction. As soon as the signal went out, every opening was swarmed with infected. We each had to do our best pushing the zombies back from what was left of the door threshold and the destroyed face of wall. Finally, the horde began to let up…or so we thought. We finished patching our wounds and restocking our ammo, and decided to see if there were any infected waiting to spring out. We split up into two pairs, one checking upstairs, the other checking outside the house.
    I took point in the upstairs team. We crept up the stairs anxiously slow, turning as we approached the next floor. As soon as I was 90 degrees from looking right up the stairs, I was raped by a Hunter. Luckily my friend beat the Hunter off and shotgunned it’s corpse for good measure. We checked all the rooms and found another infected hiding in a closet – a Boomer. He exploded all over me and my friend, and for next minute or two, we drove back wave after wave of zombie. In fact, we got overwhelmed. The zombies rushed up the stairs and surrounded us. Then, in the nick of time, the outside team flanked the zombies and annihilated the horde. I was in last stand, but my friend – the other half of the upstairs team – wasn’t so lucky. Rest in piece, Francis.
    A few uneventful but somber moments later, the truck came over and we climbed in. Well, almost. Two Smokers grappled the last two friends in my party and dragged them away. Frenzied, I made a daring dash straight for the Smokers, and Shotgunned their environmentally-unhealthy asses to hell. A man down, wounded ourselves, but triumphant, we got the hell out of that godforsaken farm.

    Dedicated to Francis

  5. I haven’t played but one level and I don’t own the game. To be honest, I don’t find the game that fun. The graphics are…well…not good, but that’s OK, its from the half life people and its a simple game off of what seems like the source engine. But really, I expected more.

  6. My favorite moment in L4D is any moment involving a tank. While it’s insanely fun beating the crap out of the other players as a tank, it’s equally fun to frantically fight off a tank charging towards you. It never gets old when a freakin car flys at you from nowhere, and you only have time to say “Oooo ****!!!!”

    i luv valve + L4D

  7. To fully appreciate this story you have to understand everytime we see a tank, for some reason he hauls to me…i dont know why, but he really likes me…

    With that said, here is our story…

    The Thanksgiving Massacre

    Almost to the terminal portion of Dead Air, we have already seen one tank in the previous part, but fail to in this one. Thinking we’re in the clear we run into a witch right infront of the airport…we slowly make our way around her and go into the airport to find a tank waiting for us in the place where they throw ur bags behind those really cool looking things? u know the thing Jim Carrey jumped onto on in Liar Liar to get the airplane? anyway we encounter a tank and guess what? he decides to attack and kill me, my friend Josh finishes him off and they fidn me hiding in the closet…The game keeps going…as we go itno the parking garage about 150 yards from the saferoom, we encounter another witch, who we pass and go into the glass causeway above the airport…all is well. until i have my bright idea

    My bright idea is because we can still see the first witch in front of the airport next to the blownup truck, i say “hey, someone shoot her and we take refuge in teh safe room…u know just to piss her off…”
    my friend goes ahead and hits her with the scope, sending her into her crazy half naked zombie frenzie…as we go to the safe room josh and i turn a corner and what do we see? A large and encharged Tank with a hunk of Concrete waiting for us in the safe room…

    Yes, a tank in the safe room… and a witch running after us the other way.. We FREAK out…naturally i go down first.. The guy who shot the witch tried to jump out the window,, but got caught hanign there..the guy who was louis ( i was bill btw) runs away and josh (francis) manages to kill teh tank frm down on teh gorund…so with no sign of the witch josh gets picked up and they “attempt” to pick up the guy (zoey) hanging out the window to no avail. Because he’s glitched and hanging on a diff part, and we cant reach him…As josh tried to help him we hear the familar witch music, suddently followed by an angry horde… Soon after i hear this…i shout over ts “EFF THAT GUY, GET TO THE SAFE ROOM” Which they attempted to do…until the server crashed

    epic epic night

  8. I soo want this ported to PS3. I would play it on PC (I have the Orange Box on it) just don’t like mouse control.

  9. The best story just happened today.
    I wasn’t playing with any friends just alone because i just got the game yesterday. We were playing on Blood Harvest and it was the first time i had done it. We were all in the barn in front of where the military truck pulls up. When were heard them arrive we all jumpped out of the front window and waited as we held off the zombies. Once the truck pulled up it was lowering the the back for us to pile in. I guess i somehow ended up in the corner of the opening
    and started getting assaulted by the zombies and i couldnt move fast enouch to jump out and i died i got so mad becuase i almost got that achievement

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