Black Friday Shoppers are Brawlers

Silly Black Friday shoppers. Don’t you know you can find just as good if not better deals on the inter-tubes for all of your crazy holiday consumerism needs? I suppose not, because then they wouldn’t be at this Wal-Mart fighting over a pile of XBox 360’s with Guitar Hero bundles that aren’t really all that special. The best part is the dude laughing.

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9 thoughts on “Black Friday Shoppers are Brawlers”

  1. Hey, you got to get your kids that new whatchamacallsit, or they will whine about it until you do!
    funny as hell, that people would actaully be this crazy about some stupid little game system (no offense xbox 360 fans) or game. honestly, I just wait afew months, then get it at reduced price. less hassle, more money in MY pocket, and less battle-scars.
    its win/win in my book 😛

  2. At a Toys R Us someone an employee got trampled and killed while trying to hold back customers before opening.

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