Legend of Zelda Meets Little Big Planet

Since we’re on the subject of Zelda, it only seemed appropriate to post this LittleBigPlanet map, which features recreated gameplay from the first Legend of Zelda game on the NES. Pretty incredible. I mean, sure, it’s slow and isn’t quite the same, but I’m impressed yet again by the seemingly limitless possibilities in this engine. The thing is, we’ve probably barely even scratched the surface.

Funny fact about the original Legend of Zelda: I could never play it because the dungeons always scared me when I was a kid.

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3 thoughts on “Legend of Zelda Meets Little Big Planet”

  1. It’s like, What ‘can’t’ you do on this game! Every thing is possible.
    But, that level looks worth playing. Bring back the good times… lol

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