Epic Prince of Persia Trailer Makes Me Happy

Time for another epic trailer for Prince of Persia before I start eating lots of turkey until something in my stomach blows or fails. Every step of the way, I’ve been terribly impressed by this game’s artful care, which ranges from the design to the graphics and even the story, as shown here. I really can’t wait. This is out next Tuesday, December 2, by the way.

Anybody picking it up?

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6 thoughts on “Epic Prince of Persia Trailer Makes Me Happy”

  1. Last time I mentioned that “this game looks better by the minute”, I’ll take that back…

    This game looks better by the nano-second!!! EPICLY WANT

  2. Is it coming out for the PC on the same day ?

    I played all of the other PoP’s on my PS2 when they were quite popular 🙂

    This looks cool, although its taken me awhile but i’ve finally accepted cell shading as being awesome lol, NcSoft is coming out a sweet like HD Cell Shaded MMORPG for the PC soon 😀

  3. That was epic xD Cell shaded graphics look very….different? and provides an interesting look.
    Played an old PoP on the PS2 (the one with the rewinding sand thing) and didn’t like it very much. Hope this is as awesome as it looks.

  4. I plan on getting it over holiday :]

    The game play and plot of all the PoP games are just ridiculously awesome.

    “Anyways…did you know that um…the schools, are employing teachers from overseas?”

  5. i not gonna play it
    it does look EPIC but i think they made it to cartoonish cause the old ones had an origional look to them and no one could match it and they have got rid of it

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