Disney’s Haunted Mansion in Counter-Strike: Source

Wow. Who needs Little Big Planet when you’ve got Counter-Strike: Source? Here, someone has literally created the whole Haunted Mansion ride and ported it into the game. Knowing a little bit about map building myself in Hammer for Counter-Strike: Source, I have no idea how this guy pulled off some of the stuff he did here. And planting the bomb in it is just mean.

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7 thoughts on “Disney’s Haunted Mansion in Counter-Strike: Source”

  1. That was a work of art! I also do hammer, but with out knowing how to put gun shop sites and bomb sites.:P Yes, I’m a total noob.

    Funny that he planted the bomb there. Once a terrorist, all ways a terrorist.

  2. I remember that map from the old CS. looks like it was done better in CSS. great stuff
    I totally want that map now…
    anyway to get it?

  3. LOL at the bomb part, I have tried Hammer and I can’t even imagine how long it would take to make this. o.0

  4. WOW….WOW…this is bad ass. I remember this ride XD Went a few days ago

    Holy…he needs an award. Some recon or something lol

  5. to Iron_Golem:
    Thanks for the link man
    back on topic:
    Saw who made it. Nipper. Cant say Im surprised at that one. Guy has made some really cool maps in the past, and I’ve always enjoyed playing those (especially his oddball maps like Blahhh)

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