Favorite Platformers?

The platformer is a dying breed in today’s game world that is filled with shooters, gore, exploding aliens and musical game clones. We don’t always get the same kind of games that we used to get, and sometimes I really miss this genre, because it’s so often overlooked by the big gaming studios. Because of that, it’s kind of interesting that we’re getting a few great platformers this holiday season.

As kind of the early staple of gaming, it shouldn’t be any surprise that these games are still fun. There’s something so delightfully simple about pushing one button and seeing a response on the screen. Where most games have gotten needlessly complicated, platformers are pure gaming enjoyment.

Games like LittleBigPlanet, Prince of Persia and even Mirrors Edge can hopefully shine the spotlight on the fun of platforming in video games. Who knows, maybe they can rekindle the fire. What do you guys think? What are some of your favorite platformers of all time?

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17 thoughts on “Favorite Platformers?”

  1. Mmm. its for this reason exactly that I bought a SNES about a year ago again, with Super Mario Allstars + Super Mario World on one cartridge. Absolutely worth the $40.00

    I think platform games get overlooked because they’re often targeted to kids. Its for this reason Mario is so sweet; nostalgia, and for the same reason we feel guilty enjoying spyro the dragon or crash bandicoot (sp?)

  2. Super Mario World was my favorite Mario platformer, and favorite platformer in general. It was back when Mario was the manliest mustachio’d bachelor at the VG Bachelor party. It was just fun and awesome.
    Frankly, the only platformers I’ve really EVER played were the Metroids and Marios. In general, young gamers and their parents could rely on Nintendo to create those kid games that weren’t boring and stupid but fun and entertaining, and never had any suggestive stuff.

    Good times…

  3. I loved space invaders. Aw man, I can play that for hours, It’s too addictive, in those days. Now I’m stuck with the nextgen games so I never get the hands back on it.

    Truly good times…

  4. Got to echo the Super Mario World sentiment – there just hasn’t been anything since that has managed to top its balance, variety, and sheer fun factor. Mario 3 is also a perennial favorite, as well as being the only action-oriented game my wife will touch :). All-time favorite, though, has to be the original Prince of Persia.

    There have actually been a few more recent, non-blockbuster platformers that I’ve been impressed with – foremost among them being Braid. Regardless of your opinion of its psychological undercurrent, it’s the most innovative 2D platformer in recent memory. I also picked up Gish when it was $5 on Steam several months back, and it had an interesting and fun dynamic, though a bit frustrating at times.

  5. For me, Super Mario 64 is in my top games of all time, so I’d have to say that. I haven’t played a platformer with controls like that since it came out. The levels, the excellent foray into 3D for the first time, it’s all so iconic.

  6. a few of mine:

    Mario 3, Sonic 2, Megaman 2, Mario World, Donkey Kong Country, Super Metroid, Earthworm Jim, Castlevania: SotN, Sly Cooper

  7. Wow, after reading this and the post again, I can’t believe no one has mentioned Portal… That would technically be platform wouldn’t it? … or more puzzle?

    It is certainly more platform than mirror’s edge (for the sheer fact that you can shoot people in mirror’s edge if you choose to)

  8. Donkey kong 64 was the first game I ever played ever and it was epic.And thats why its my favorite platformer its just so epic and still have not beaten it

  9. The Genesis Sonic games/Mario 64/Battletoads/Castlevania/Metroid…

    And of course if any of you DOS gamers are here, Jazz Jackrabbit.

  10. Lol, does Mirrors Edge count? Because it doesn’t really feel like one, but focuses on….platforming? lol. Otherwise, SMB.

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