Left 4 Dead Gets Dawn of the Dead Map

A couple of weeks ago, when I was still debating about whether or not I should get Left 4 Dead on the XBox 360 or the PC, a friend of mine told me that the custom content for the PC would ultimately make it the choice that you would want long-term. He insisted that it would just be a few short weeks before someone created the Dawn of the Dead mall. Well, he was right.

Over at L4DMods, a user has posted that a replica of the Crossroads Mall from Dawn of the Dead is already nearing completion, having been made for a previous HL2 mod. The screenshots look fantastic, and there’s even a video walkthrough. Check it out:


Source- L4DMods

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3 thoughts on “Left 4 Dead Gets Dawn of the Dead Map”

  1. awsome. probably only gonna work as a versus map but still great. the brightness is kinda bad though. it should be darkened to improve the atmosphere. otherwise awsome.

  2. That’s one of the greatest point in PC gaming. You can download free content, custom levels, and even change something in the console if your kind of board. (I doubt that.)

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