GamerSushi Asks: What Have You Finished?

As of now, I’ve finished Saint’s Row 2, Gears of War 2 and Left 4 Dead from the holiday pile of games. On the deck still are things like Chrono Trigger DS, Fallout 3, Penny Arcade episode 2, Portal “Still Alive”, Call of Duty World at War, Fable II, Little Big Planet and Mirrors Edge.

What all have you guys played so far, and how would you rate those experiences? Did they live up to the hype? Did they fall short? And what are you still waiting for, that you’re expecting to get for Christmas? Me, I’m dying to get my hands on Prince of Persia, and all 3 of the games I’ve finished went above and beyond what I expected from them, so I’m extremely pleased.

What about you? What have you finished? What have you started?

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  1. Man, this holiday far outdid 2007 by spades. I’ve managed to finish up a fair chunk of PC/360 related games, but there are definitely more that I’m looking forward to.

    So far, I’ve finished:

    Saint’s Row 2 (loved it!)
    FarCry2 (sigh)
    Gears of War 2 (awesome!)
    Fallout 3 (beat it, then re-loaded my save, and now I’m exploring)
    Left4Dead (I beat it, but it’s not as great as I thought. Still a hell of a lot of fun, though)

    I’m still looking forward to Mirror’s Edge and Sonic: Unleashed. I also want to try Spider-Man: Web of Shadows, because my love of Sonic and Spider-Man can often over-power mind-bogglingly bad control and game designs.

    Oh, and I’m waist-deep in Death Knight love in Warcraft.

  2. The only two I’ve finished are Gears 2 (great game) and Fable II (I guess better than the first one). I also finished Quantum of Solace which is in my opinion the best Bond game since Goldeneye.

    I’m looking forward to playing Left4Dead. I played the demo and thought it was pretty well done as far as just having fun. I wish I could afford to buy World at War also. Really looking forward to that.

  3. Finished Little Big Planet and playing Bioshock.

    Waiting for Xmas to play Fallout, Saints Row 2, Chrono Trigger, Castlevania, Dragon Quest IV.

    Prince of Persia is a rental, awesome series, but never replay them and since it will be 12-15 hours long, not exactly an epic worth buying.

  4. [quote comment=”2350″]The only two I’ve finished are Gears 2 (great game) and Fable II (I guess better than the first one). I also finished Quantum of Solace which is in my opinion the best Bond game since Goldeneye.

    I’m looking forward to playing Left4Dead. I played the demo and thought it was pretty well done as far as just having fun. I wish I could afford to buy World at War also. Really looking forward to that.[/quote]

    Dang, why’d you tell me that? I keep hearing that Quantum of Solace is actually good. What makes the game so fun, I’ve barely seen anything from it.

  5. Just bought CODW@W for my BDay today….so thats unfinished.

    Ok I HAVE finished
    Fallout 3

    GEARS2 (Not even opened)
    W@W (Not Opened)
    Far Cry 2 (Going to sell it…I know the ending) TIA TIA!
    EndWar (Single Player….pah! Onlines where its at!)

    YAY 1 GAME!!! I rock. Sept that games ending SUCKED. I plan on finishing Gears and W@W.

  6. I guess it doesn’t hurt that I’m a huge Bond fan that I like the game so much. To me it’s a mix of Gears of War and CoD(considering it uses the CoD engine). Make sure you play it on the hardest difficulty though. The other three are like taking candy from a baby. Multiplayer is “just ok”. I think it would be a lot more fun if you had thousands of people playing it at once like Gears or Halo or CoD. And the thing that flat-out stinks is the fact that there is no local multiplayer. Just system link or Live. Four people on one Nintendo was a blast for Goldeneye so why wouldn’t they do it for this?

  7. i bought fable 2 and far cry 2, but i won’t finish them because playing them is starting to feel more like work than play. fable 2 is just a remake of fable 1, which I’ve already played to death. and far cry 2 might as well be called “15 minute drive across the Savannah” seriously if i wanted a long drive with lots of map reading I’d just drive to Sydney! so i gave up.

  8. Many games with 2 in their title.

    All I got was fable 2 which in my opinion was not all that great, but whatever i got 70 mil and two best legendary weapons.

  9. I’ve played all the way through Left 4 Dead last night, which was awesome, but it’s really the multiplayer experience that makes the game so much fun.

    I plan to pick up Chrono Trigger DS, Fallout 3, Mirror’s Edge, and World at War later. Hopefully before the end of the year.

    It’s definitely been one of my favorite years in gaming 😀

  10. Still working on balancing my voracious gaming appetite with the demands of a full-time job and the Prince of All Cosm–er, my small son, the result of which is a whole pile of unfinished games. Gears of War 2 campaign is the only thing I’ve managed to finish recently, and inane dialogue aside, I was pretty impressed. Getting ever so close to finishing out Bioshock and Dead Space. Let’s see, that leaves Fable 2, Eternal Sonata, Mass Effect, PA:OTRSPOD Ep. 1, Half-Life 2 plus Ep. 1 & 2, Resident Evil 4, Shadow of the Colossus, Oblivion…all in various states of completion. The list goes on and on, and will no doubt grow over the holidays. I’m missing Christmas break really bad right about now.

  11. I’ve only gotten CoD: World at War, Gears 2, and Left 4 Dead, so far, but I’ll be getting Fallout 3 for Christmas. Sorry for my short list – I’ll make up for it with an ungodly-long rant about…some game theory thing…

    Of all the games that had come out in recent weeks, World at War was without a doubt my most anticipated game, personally. I loved CoD4, and WaW seemed very promising since it took what Infinity Ward did right – because those people are the Valve of war games – and made into a WWII game that finally explored the Pacific Theater and the Battle of Berlin. In terms of gameplay, the game is as solid as CoD4. The perk system is back, now with 10 more levels as well as a small reward for prestiging, extra custom class slots. There were a few problems, though. Until you get the Sturmgewehr, multiplayer is a very frustrating experience sometimes, especially when you’re trying to get to Rank 18 to unlock Hardcore S&D. But frankly that’s just a personal obstacle, and perserverence wins out. With Campaign, the new Co-op addition is nice, but the fact that only the challenges adds to your Multiplayer score is a bit of a let down. In terms of story, there are some problems. You never connect with the characters enough. I really only felt attached to Sgt. Reznov, and maybe a little with Sgt. Jack Bauer, but other than that, the supporting characters in your squad (Polonsky and Chernov) never form that kind of connection. They are just thrown in there as replacements, almost. But I think that that is due to the fact that the storyling jumps around in terms of months. Well, those are fairly small nit-picks. Overall, World at War has redeemed Treyarch of CoD3, but IW still runs them lol. If you liked CoD4, which I didn’t (I LOVED IT), you might like WaW. Unfortunately I have a friend who went back to CoD4 because WaW was pissing him off. T.T

    Gears 1, you have to admit, was a bit disappointing. The story was shallow, and multiplayer never had a real gripping aspect to it. Maybe I’m just spoiled by CoD4’s perk system, but still. Anyway, Gears 2 is a HUGE IMPROVEMENT on Gears 1 in terms of EVERYTHING. Story, Multiplayer, Control, Weapons, Maps, Horde, and Golden Lancers. The story is really gripping, with characters that shed a tear for when they die or laugh when they say a funny one-liner. The plot never feels like Delta on it’s own, as in they are fighting the entire Locust army by themselves. (I ranted about this in that one Would You Rather) Multiplayer was improved with new gametypes, teams of 5, and a better TrueSkill thingy. Also, the controls have been refined, and some new things have been added. Human/Locust shields, being able to interrupt tactical commands, new executions, and the ability to crawl. New weapons like the Flamethrower, the new pistols, being able to make proximity nades, and Chainsaw duels are all cool. Horde mode is excrutiatingly fun and addictive. Nuff said. And finally, Golden Lancers. Also nuff said. Yeah, so if you haven’t gotten Gears 2 yet, either die or get Gears 2. Your choice.

    Overall, I’m actually going to have to say L4D was…
    (drum role)
    disappointing. Sorry! But it was. Only 4 maps? Only 6 Weapons? Come on. I don’t care what anyone says, that’s pretty pathetic. If it wasn’t Valve, people wouldn’t have given L4D such high reviews or such slack. There just isn’t enough content to keep players hooked for longer than a few months. Only the hardcore will stick around, and I’m sure they rather be playing HL3 or TF2. Or maybe Portal episode 3. Maybe.

    I wonder if I’ll get the chance to review Fallout 3. I’m expecting it to be at least somewhat awesome.

  12. No, i’m pretty sure Left 4 Dead would still been rated pretty high.

    Any way i would like to say (though i am late here) that i hardly ever finish a new game. If its an old game i will beat it, but new games i usually wait a little while, play around and basically dodge finishing it until i think its time to see the endgame.

    Games like Max Payne 1 and 2, Portal, Alice, Undying, Quake’s line, Doom’s line and racing games are always the first on my list to beat, how ever. Never finished San Andreas, but i went back and beat GTA3 again. Never finished call of duty 1 but i’d go back and play Medal Of Honor again.

    Most games have a hard time holding my attention. Portal almost didn’t get my full play through but i decided to pity on it and rough it out.

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