Fan Made Mega Man Trailer

Ok, time for something that is actually made by devoted fans. Unlike Bike Hero, this Mega Man trailer was put together by fans of the film, and directed by Eddie Lebron. While the acting and writing is mega cheese, the special effects look fun and the production values are solid. What do you guys think? Could an actual Hollywood Mega Man movie pay off?

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4 thoughts on “Fan Made Mega Man Trailer”

  1. The trailer was pretty damn good. The lines were definitely cheesy, but I thought the Dr.Wily actor nailed it. I probably wouldn’t watch it, but judging by the trailer, it looks like it stays true to the original Mega Man series. But as far as this movie making it to Hollywood, it probably wouldn’t. I mean the makers of the Live action DBZ movie are already taking a risk to see if fans react well. Overall, if they were to make a full-length movie on Mega Man, it should be like some sort of TV special on G4 or Sci-fi or something. Though, I wouldn’t be surprised if Hollywood, and their seemingly low amount of original ideas, make a movie out of this.

  2. Lol at the Bike Hero joke.
    These people deserve Klondike bars.
    But that would be awesome – a Mega Man movie. NO UWE BOLL! You do NOT get to direct it! lol

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