Fatality Versus Heroic Brutality

In case you were dying to know, here’s a video clip of every single fatality and heroic brutality finishing move in the new Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe game. While some of them are downright cool (I love the nostalgia of the arcade drop and Scorpion’s fire breathing), it’s sad that they couldn’t do more with what they had and just went with the all out gore. Either way, some of these are entertaining to watch. What’s your favorite?


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6 thoughts on “Fatality Versus Heroic Brutality”

  1. I was getting tired of hearing about the lack of creative fatalities and gore in this game, b/c that is something that doesn’t really affect gameplay…

    But after seeing that lame crap, I get their point. Baraka should be carving his initials into people’s scrotums or something!

  2. the batman one with the enemy being afraid of the bats is pretty funny… and the marvel hero one too. “Chazam!” and the joker is hysterical with his gun.

  3. When Batman threw hi bat blade thing into that guy I was really hoping it would explode but the lame bats came instead :/

  4. the most annoying about it is, hearing the word fatality every 10 seconds 🙂

    I liked Sonyas neckbreaker and the Joker with the gun is nicely done as well. But Captain Marvels second fatality is really nice … picking up his opponent and just smashing him face-forward into the ground. I like how Catwoman wiggles her feet when heroically slautered 🙂

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