Bike Hero- Not so Real, Actually

Talk about a “there is no Santa Claus” moment in my adult life… Bike Hero was not created by crazy fans, but rather, an ad agency. While it doesn’t make what goes on in the video any less awesome, there was a part of me that was so inspired to see people making a tribute to something that they’re extremely in love with.

While I’m not going to be a guy to stand up and scream “fake” and be upset, I do wish that we knew when some of these things were ads. I feel bad for that kid that does go out and make something like Bike Hero (in terms of an awesome viral video) and gets panned by the Internet as being fake, when in fact it’s real.

What do you guys think? Fair or foul on Bike Hero not being real?

Source- GameCyte

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7 thoughts on “Bike Hero- Not so Real, Actually”

  1. Never mind, gimme that Klondike bar back. An entire company cannot receive a Klondike bar. If you don’t believe, you read the unwritten code of Klondike Bar Receivership.

  2. Huh. While I won’t claim that I knew that this video was a viral marketing ploy, I still thought that something was kinda fishy about it. Still, it did do it’s job, in a way; right after watching that, I turned to my buddy and told him that we really need to buy Guitar Hero.

  3. Like I said in the other post, I thought “Wow, thats awesome. Now get a life”

    This changes nothing for me,lol. My life is still going the same as before. Some people care too much about things that don’t really matter.

    It’s still a cool idea.

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