Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix…whew…Next Week!

PS3Fanboy is confirming what many have suspected: the Cloverfield monster-sized titled Super Street Fighter II HD Remix…sorry, exhausted from typing…will be released on the PSN on Tuesday the 25th of November with the Xbox Live versions coming the next day.


For those of you that don’t know, SSTIITHDR (thought shortening it would help, still tiresome) features:

  • Classic/Remix (Rebalanced) Arcade mode
  • Online and offline multiplayer
  • A training mode
  • Hit box display
  • Both remixed and classic music
  • Voice chat
  • A ‘Quarter Match’ mode which allows players to spectate and jump into online matches simulating the arcade environment
  • 8 player tournament mode
  • Worldwide rankings and leaderboards arranged by character and country
  • In-depth statistics tracking
  • A display mode that fits the game into a 16:9 aspect ratio without impacting gameplay

You can also change the graphics from the new redrawn version to classic. Since this is the last fighting game I truly loved and I still remember all the moves, I will be getting this no doubt. Anyone else excited? What system will you guys get it for?

Source: PS3Fanboy

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