NXE Hands On, Part 2: Netflix

So after experiencing some more actual time with the NXE, I felt it was necessary to provide an update. While I wasn’t too thrilled after my first exposure to it, last night I played Left 4 Dead for awhile and got to tinker quite a bit. I have to say, I really enjoy it.

For one, it’s faster to browse than the Dashboard was, by far. I remember sometimes I wouldn’t want to answer messages just because it was so slow to do that right in the middle of a game. With the NXE, browsing through the blades is quick and easy and feels just right.

In addition, I spent some time with the Netflix streaming last night… Let me say, if you have a Netflix subscription, the XBox 360 just got 10 times cooler. Adding movies to your instant queue is a breeze, and in no time at all, I was streaming HD TV shows (they’ve got a selection that includes things like 30 Rock, The Office, Heroes, etc) to my 360 instantly. The quality is spectacular, too. This is by far my favorite feature of the NXE now.

So how many of you have Netflix subscriptions and a 360 and will be using this to its full?

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4 thoughts on “NXE Hands On, Part 2: Netflix”

  1. This is probably the final straw that will make me switch from Blockbuster back to Netflix. The whole streaming thing was pretty tempting to begin with, but this new level of convergence is pretty much an instant sell for me.

  2. netflix? what’a that? anyway, i thought the nxe was going to suck, but t seems easier to use. i found the freinds list harder to use now though and the avatars were pretty limited.

  3. Yeah, it’s a little weirder to access your friends quickly, which I don’t like. However, the navigation in general is just quicker. I hope the Netflix library grows more too.

  4. I dont like how spotlight is what shows up first 🙁

    Then it seems that each person has a diff thing behind them on the friends list. We think its based on your theme…

    Eddy…your avatar is creepily just like you XD So is mine…

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