Left 4 Dead- Blood Harvest Gameplay

So I broke down and got Left 4 Dead on the 360. I don’t regret it, either. I had a blast playing it with my brother and a couple of friends tonight. The amount of zombies coming at you is just incredible, and you absolutely have to work together to survive. In honor of this momentous game, I’m posting some gameplay from later on, in the Blood Harvest act, where you are running from zombies in fields of corn. It ends with an epic showdown in a barn.

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4 thoughts on “Left 4 Dead- Blood Harvest Gameplay”

  1. i palyed all the campaigns last night with some of my mates, took a few hours all in total, we did all of them on advanced but we failed on dead-air campaign 4 times, the tanks kept messing us up then smokers got some of us from behind… It was a mess, all in all it was really fun.

  2. I played for 8.7 hours yesterday across all the campaigns and a tad of vs mode. Such an awesome game that I will never get tired of, especially if they release more campaigns *drools^

    @Weiss I also played on advanced through it all except dead air where we eventually gave up and switched to Normal 😛

  3. Picked this up last night. I only played the No Mercy campaign with a buddy; that’s all we had time for.

    Definitely enjoying it, I can’t wait to do the other three campaigns this weekend. The final showdown on the hospital roof was epic. A Smoker grabbed me, and started constricting me right as the helicopter showed up. Unfortunately, the zombie had me in such a way that I couldn’t be hit out of the grip, and the Smoker was well hidden behind some ducks. Oddly enough, the AI saved me just in time, then sacrificed himself to get me on board the chopper. I’ll never forget you, Francis. 🙁

  4. Ha! Something similar happened to us. We were getting on the helicopter and we had a tank swinging at us, so Luis jumps off at the tank into the pile of zombies, and we’re screaming “LUIS NO DONT BE A HERO”. His sacrifice was the greatest of all.

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