GamerSushi Asks: Would You Rather?

Since we’ve had a chance to get our hands on some of these long anticipated titles, it seemed only fitting for another version of “Would You Rather?”. We’re a big fan of how much you guys get involved on these.

In “Would You Rather’, I simply ask a series of questions, and you follow up with your responses. Give as much or as little explanation as you want with your answers.

Unless they suck. In that case, you will endure everlasting suffering at the hands of the video game ninjas. Trust me. They’re real.


Would you rather…

1. See the next gen focus more on improved graphics or improved gameplay?

2. Play an MMO-FPS or an MMO-RPG?

3. Play a game with deep a deep single player campaign and no multiplayer value, or a shallow single player campaign with lots of multiplayer content?

4. Have a shooter focus on accuracy and skill, where one man good enough doesn’t need his teammates, or do you prefer a shooter based on strategy and teamwork?

5. Finish a new game as quickly as possible or savor it over the course of a few days/ weeks?

6. Find out if a game is worth playing at the cost of hearing some spoilers, or do you prefer to see for yourself, even if the game ends up being a waste of time?

7. See new gaming franchises at the expense of the old ones, or are you happy with the ones we have now?

Ask away!

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27 thoughts on “GamerSushi Asks: Would You Rather?”

  1. 1.Improved gameplay. Graphics don’t make a great game.

    2. MMO RPG.

    3. Single player. I prefer it.

    4.Strategy and teamwork. One man warriors are boring.

    5. Savor it. People who beat GTA IV within a week wasted 60 bucks.

    6. Spoilers in games really don’t bother me since most game plots are either predictable or eventually too convoluted for their own good.

    7. New franchises are always welcome, but keep the good old ones.

  2. 1. Gameplay, definitely.

    2. Never played a MMO FPS though i don’t think it would work out very well. I go for the RPG

    3. Dunno, but no story at all is better than a short and sucky one (TF2). I think I would go with good story.

    4. I like strategy and teamwork cause its no fun when a single ‘uber nerd’ pwns your whole team(CS!)

    5. Savour it. I don’t buy games very often (only getting one from the massive game avalanche this fall/winter (Left 4 Dead)) because I don’t like raping my wallet. Therefore I want as much as possible from a game.

    6. Don’t care about spoilers unless they’re massive.

    7. I’m old school. I want my Marios and Zeldas and HLs and TFs and Warcrafts

  3. 1. Improved gameplay. I think that graphics have gotten to a point where improvement isn’t really all that necessary. Few games have truly outstanding gameplay, however.

    2. MMOFPS. MMORPGs never really click with me. An MMOFPS’d be something new, as well.

    3. That’s basically asking COD4 or Xenogears. I’d take the engrossing single player game, I think.

    4. Strategy and teamwork.

    5. Savor it – I’ve beaten Fallout 3 four times and counting…

    6. See for myself. Realizing that a game isn’t all it’s hyped up to be is all part of the fun.

    7. New ones – if there’s anything that makes me cringe worse than bad DRM, it’s Nintendo’s business model – I like innovation over repetition.

  4. Didn’t have time to answer this when I posted it, but I’ll go ahead and do that now…

    1. Gameplay, for sure. I think there’s only so much you can do with the graphics before it gets old. Not that graphics aren’t important- Nintendo had the right idea, just the wrong solution this gen.

    2. I know there are a few MMOFPS games in development, but the idea behind an MMORPG is a lot more appealing. Probably TOO appealing, which is why I avoid them.

    3. While I love being able to play great games with my friend, lately I feel like I’ve been missing out on great single player romps. Though if you’re Gears of War 2, you’ve got both of these.

    4. I used to be a fan of the “one dude can own everyone” type of gameplay found in something like Halo CE or even CSS if you’re good enough, I much more prefer something that requires teamwork to survive these days.

    5. I try to rush through games, but I can’t seem to do it. I don’t get enough time to really play games, so I try to move as quickly as possible, but I always get sidetracked and chill on them longer than I intend to.

    6. Spoilers don’t bug me, and I’d like to know if a game is worth playing beforehand.

    7. One thing that had me really excited about the XBox 360 was all of the new franchises that it seemed to have, whereas Sony was going to kick it old school this gen. Granted, a lot of those 360 franchises have fallen to the wayside, but the idea of playing something besides FF, Tekken, Mario, Zelda, Devil May Cry, etc, was invigorating. We need new franchises!

  5. 1. kinda both! I’m really a graphic junkie so that a game has to be realy huge in gameplay if I have to ignore crapy graphics.

    2.MMO RPG. MMO FPS makes no sence!

    3. Single player ftw

    4. As a lone wolf i prefer skill. But Team Work is necessary bcc the enemy has more targets to shoot at so I survieve easier!;-)

    5. quickl as possible. I know I’m wasting money but I’m addicted in gaming so i can’t stop! gnaaaa need help^^

    6. some spoilers are ok. specialy in shooter. but in story based games i hate spoilers!

    7. kinda both. agree with anthony

  6. I love doing these things, saw your tweet just now :p

    1. Gameplay, I have always said that Gameplay>Graphics and it still holds true. I have more fun playing a home-brew lemmings on my ds then I do playing Alone in the Dark (just looked over into my pile of games I hated and that was the first one I saw :p)

    2. Depends what mood I’m in really, but If I could only play one for the rest of my life it would be FPS, actually I would probably just flip a coin.

    3. Tough one, it depends on what game really. Obviously multi player in something like COD is a must have because it’s so easy to implement and works well. But with a game like Tomb Raider you don’t really expect to see a multi player mode (Dear god imagine having 2 people to solve puzzles, it would be a nightmare) So overall it depends on what game but I would have to say I do enjoy multi player more, anything that is co-op style and not “I’m on your team but I really don’t give a dam about you” (L4D>CSS etc.)

    4. Strategy and teamwork for me, I get bored running around alone with no dialog. Although I did really enjoy timeshift so I guess I don’t mind being alone if there is something for me to play around with (Time stopping powers, flame-throwers, explosives, psychic powers etc.)

    5. Depends. With games like the HL series, L4D, Tomb raider series and others I rushed through to find out what happens (because I HATE to be spoiled) then I will come back to it a few days later and slow down, exploring everywhere and what not. With other games, usually ones that don’t suck me into the story, I will take it slow and play across weeks/months.

    6. Hah, ironic that this comes after my spoiler hate above. But yes, I really do hate spoilers. Sitting through a game the whole time knowing that “She is going to die” or “He is going to get kidnapped by a Bulgarian mongoose” just ruins it for me because there is no surprise/suspense. You can find out if games are a waste of time without being spoiled to, just looking at review scores, watching game play videos or simply asking someone about it. That it what I will usually do.

    7. I welcome new franchises but I don’t what to see good old ones go, well we can spare a few. But ALOT of good franchises have been popping up recently so It’s all looking good.

    Well, that was fun.

  7. 1. Gameplay. Its what matters most.
    2. I don’t imgaine an MMO-FPS to be good so MMO-RPG.
    3. Great Single player. There are already a lot of games out there with good multiplayer. I need something to quench my single player thirst.
    4. Strategy and teamwork. More people is more fun if your good.
    5. Rush through then get another good one. As we all found out this season.
    6. Spoilers are no problem. And knowing them to know if the game is good is no problem.
    7. New franchises if we can keep the old ones as well.

  8. 1. TBH, i would rather gameplay, BUT i would like to see better models etc. in some new shooters today they are just plain HORRIBLE. AND Better physics, some fps’s make no sense what so ever when it comes down to the physics.

    2. FPS.

    3. Both. IDC i want the best of both, none of this work hard on one thing then skimp out on the other.

    4. Have a shooter focus on accuracy and skill and be based on teamwork.(CS:Source is a fine example of this.)

    5. See for my self, hands on is always best, even if it does bankrupt you. lol.

    6. Well, ive beaten both L4D and Fallout 3 with in a few days of both of there releases, clearly fast for l4d lol.(SO FAST FAST FAST!) (onto CODW@W lol)

    7. New franchises if we can keep the old ones as well. (Like what Kalgros said :P)

  9. 1. Gameplay. Graphics are already pretty good, and better gameplay doesn’t require a new video card every 6 months! 🙂

    2. I play A couple of team/objective based online FPS games. I would like to see a MMO FPS.

    3. I always play through the Single player campaign before I go online with a game. Sp gets me to buy the game but MP keeps me playing it over and over. So on the fence with this one, i’ll just go with Single Player.

    4. Teamwork FTW. I hate rambos

    5. I usually buy one game and play it all the way through once or twice before I get another. So I have to go for savor it. The next new game will still be there in a few weeks.

    6. It depends on the level of the spoiler. Little ones are worth it for knowing if the game is worth 50-60 bucks and my time. knowing how to beat the boss at the end before I ever see it is kinda bad.

    7. My purchases pretty much give me away on this one. For example, I have all of the COD titles and all the HL universe games. SO I guess I have to say Old Franchises. But a good game is good no matter what universe it takes place in, Old Franchise or new.

  10. 1. Mostly on gameplay. New gena are waist of time if you can beat the game in 5-10 hours (basically a day). No fun playing it.

    2. I’ll take both. Put it on tab. 😀

    3. Single Player. Multi is good too, but i see my self playing single player ore then multi.

    4. Team work is good for Multiplayer games or RPGs. Playing by yourself is good for Stealth games and Sniper sort games.

    5. Depends if it’s the only game on the platform that hasn’t been beaten or had enough. Otherwise it fells kinda strange. You have beaten a game in 5-10 hours you’re like – What the Devil?! You sanavahusein ripped me off me 40 dollars for this pile of me poo.

    6. Don’t give a damn. Couple of spoilers ain’t bad. Gives a bit of juice to keep on playing and discovering them. At least that’s for me.

    7. Well i would like to see old games continued. New franchises are good, but it would be good if we give old ones a new coat of paint…if you know what i mean.

  11. 1. With the level of graphical quality we’ve achieved, I think attention would be best spent on innovating gameplay rather than the complete abolition of pop-in.

    2. Hmm, lesser of two evils? I’m still waiting for a compelling MMO-RPG, one which won’t cause me to despair if I can’t spend 20 hours a week grinding. I’m not convinced it will ever exist. The MMO-FPS holds some potential merit, but most of the implementations I’ve heard of just seem too chaotic. It’s a toss-up.

    3. A few months ago, I would have said single-player without hesitation. Now…well, I’d still have to say single-player, but the choice is considerably more painful.

    4. Similar to #3, Gears 2 Horde mode has revealed to me just how much the teamwork dynamic can add to the multiplayer experience.

    5. I’ve always tended to be a savorer, often to the extreme. Screw days or weeks, I dragged out Final Fantasy XII over the course of almost 2 years, and I’ve still got a couple of Colossi to finish off.

    6. I’m not overly sensitive about spoilers…as long as no major plot twists or final outcomes are revealed, I’d rather have a clearer picture of what I’m signing on for.

    7. Ok, this one’s just evil. I guess I’m just too sentimental, so I’d have to go with as much innovation as possible under the auspices of the old guard.

  12. 1. Improved gameplay. If you take a look at how far graphics have come in the last few years, I think it’s imperative that the games industry starts to focus on how they can take gaming to the next level, to be cliche.

    2. MMORPG. First person shooters don’t really fit the archetype of MMOs. I think stats-tracking and item unlocks in games like CoD and Battlefield are the closest we’re going to get. That, and I love my Death Knight.

    3. Depends on the muliplayer content. Overall, I’d rather have an engrossing single player experience than have curses and accusations of my sexual preference thrown at me over a headset. (not that I mind, but it really takes me out of the game sometimes.)

    4. A team based shooter. We’ve been doing the one-man army fragfests for a while now, we need to start ushering in more tactical games.

    5. Savor it. This is more prevalent now than ever. With the economical crisis looming, I’d prefer to squeeze everything I can out of $60. That’s why I’m refusing to beat Fallout 3.

    7. New franchises are always interesting, provided that they’re done right. Dead Space and Mirror’s Edge seem to be taking the right steps, but new IPs always seem to need to test the water first.

    However, I’m still a hardcore fan of some old franchises. Old franchises need some new tricks too. If Halo:3 Recon is actually what Bungie is promising it to be, I might be inclined to buy it.

  13. Wow, I completely skipped six. *Face palm

    Yeah, spoilers at the expense of knowing whether a game will be worth it or not for sure. I’m a spoiler-hunter, anyways.

  14. 1. Gameplay, but graphics still are important. Valve could have made the textures look so much more badass, and almost every other game uses the same textures too much. I mean, wouldn’t it be just normal, if the pavement wouldn’t look all the same everywhere in GTA.
    2. I don’t know actually. Well, since I suck at both, but there are too many fps-mmo’s that have sucked, I’d much rather go with rpg.
    3. Single player. I want more 3p1c single player battle scenes.
    4. Team based. One against the world means you’re emo. (lol)
    5. Play as much as I can, because I think its masochism to make you drool at the computer, looking at the shortcut on the desktop.
    6. If I am in doubt about purchasing a new game, I either play it at a friend, who has it, or either h4x 1t frum t3h t0rr3n7z, and then either delete it or buy it.
    7. Dunno actually!

  15. 1) Improve Gameplay. I think it’s end of the line with great graphics. How can it get better from now!? Pop out of the screen?


    3)lots of multiplayer plz thx

    4)Strategy and teamwork. L4D is a great example

    5) I don’t swallow my food, I let it dissolve.(wtf) In other words I’ll play it for days.

    6)I always look before hand. I really don’t wanna waist money for something that sucks.

    7)Hard question… hmm… Ahh what the heck, more new stuff plz.

  16. 1. Improved gameplay, easy. The graphics are flawless as it is. What I want to see is more innovation, more perfection of tried-and-true methods and such, and just new gameplay, or improved gameplay. That way, we won’t have to play remakes of the same old FPS’s or RPG’s.

    2. MMO-FPS. Tabula Rasa simulated FPS, but it wasn’t really FPS. The MMO aspect of the FPS would be awesome because that would allow for TITANIC BATTLES ON AN EPIC SCALE! Imagine, the Battle of Normandy with a hundred other people! Obviously, lag would be a huge issue for the developers who are making this hypothetical game, but they might find a way. Once that problem is solved, MMO-FPS’s would probably dominate.

    3. Deep single-player. With Co-op option. And maybe you could have more than 2 or better-yet 4 people in the Co-op party. That would pwn. I much rather experience a story mode that had a long but varied and fun playtime. Playing 20 or something hours of a constantly new story with a story element that rivals blockbuster movies is a lot better to me than a thousand hours of the same old fifteen or so maps playing the same gametypes against randomly selected people. CoD4 did a great job of introducing a solid leveling-up system which kept the multiplayer experience new and exciting even if you’ve played every single map. But if you somehow combine that with the Co-op experience, that game would be AWESOME. Perhaps the best ever. Damn, this is a good idea. COPYRIGHT!! lol

    4. You’re starting to see more FPS’s having squad-based mechanics that promote teamwork with squadmates. I’d like to see more of this squad-based combat because the one-man-army gameplay is fun and great and all, but I think if FPS’s are really going to evolve, they should encourage players to work together and reward the players when they kill and enemy together (more than just one guy getting the kill and the other guy getting a measly assist) or capture an objective by using superior tactics and strategy.

    5. Definitely savor over time. There’s really not much more to say.

    6. Well…I’m certainly not going to buy a game for no reason. But I don’t need – or want – any spoilers. I’m not going to buy the game just because I figure out that your best friend betrays you. That’s the same exact problem with movies or to a slightly lesser degree Japanese trailers. Some movies explain every single twist in the story in an effort to get money. Don’t do that! You’ve just told me the better parts of the story without me paying you anything! [Back to games…] Give me a short summary, tell me what new and innovative gameplay aspects you’re adding, and then shut up! DON’T SPOIL THE STORY!
    So I suppose I’m going with answer C.

    7. New franchises, easy. Refer back to my Nintendo Declination Thesis. Nintendo has essentially ripped its classic franchises apart – Mario, Link, even Samus – in order to find something new that they ultimately either screw up or just cannot make into a really GOOD game. So I’d like to see more new franchises. Like Obama said, We need Change!
    While we’re on the topic of new franchises, I’d like to talk about the transition from Gears 1 to Gears 2, mainly on the story’s aspect. In Gears 1, the story was loose. VERY loose. I’m sure even Epic themselves admits that. But with Gears 2, right from the get-go, the Gears universe was reborn for me. No longer did the storyline seem like Delta on their own defeating the entire Locust horde. Everything from the scale of the battles to the larger numbers of enemies and allies on screen at one time to the top-class writing and voice-acting. It really fleshed out the COG as being a culture of war and that this is their last stand. The level that really made me feel like I was a part of a large-scale effort and not just Delta squad was particularly the Assault Derrick level. It wasn’t so much the open terrain, it was the fact that this is a convoy on Assault Derricks, large machines of war that were meant to be badass. Plus the names like Betty make it feel like a battleship on land, and that adds to the sense of the COG being unified and a war machine. Not to mention the “brothers-in-arms” type of respect each soldier had to one another.
    So what I’m trying to say is that Gears 2 really felt like a new franchise from Gears 1 because it finally explained the universe and mythos of the Gears series.

    Can’t wait for the next “Would you rather”!!

  17. 1. Gameplay. Come on, we are all ready at the point that I cant play Far Cry 2 on a non HD TV, everything is too crappy looking to make out people. Graphics are good. Look at Crysis! Common…Gameplay.

    2. N EITHER PLEASE! I LIKE LIFE! RPG. Addicting…fun….no! AWAY!!!

    3. Damn….KOTOR or Halo 3….wow common that’s a tough one. Id have to say Multiplayer. I love games like KOTOR II and Obi, but seriously nothing beats hours upon hours of goofing around with friends on a fu n Multiplayer game.

    4. This is the hardest FAQ yet XD Uuuuuh….so like Counterstrike vs GRAW 2….Teamwork. Going 2 v 6 and holding out is way more fun that playing CSS and watching one dude awp you while doing a backflip-barrel roll.

    5. Saaaaaavooooorrrrrr.

    6. No, they don’t have to spoil it. Tell me if you liked it or not. Depending on what games I think you tend to like Ill judge. It ticked me off when kids tried to ruin Halo 3s ending…

    7. New usually means good things. As long as the GAME is good, who cares who makes it.

  18. 1.Im torn on this one I dont really care about polygons or bump mapping but if a game is not asteticly pleasing (super paper mario) I seem to detach from the story and it all just blurrs together but on the other hand gameplay is very important, if the gameplay is horrible the game is not worth playing (super paper mario

    2.Givin the choices I would choose MMO Fps because ive tried played MMO Rpg’s and most of them seem like chores

    3. Single player for sure unless its a game like Team Fortress 2
    in were there is no single player so you know what your getting when you buy it

    4.I would choose the team play because that were all the memorable matches come from, Getting 100 kills in counter strike source is not as rememberable as taking down 2 heavy with only a scout and an engineer in team fortress two

    5.I usually dive right into a game and its all I play untill i finish it but on the other hand I explore and do all the side quests as well

    6.I usually dont mind spoilers that much, I was told the ending of Knight of the old republic when i was about half way through it, but I did not mind because the story was so great that the ending did not matter the backstory’s and lore were great and if a game cant do that then the story is not worth knowing

    7.Well the paper mario series is ruined the ratchet and clank series reached its peak at going commando and I will ever get tired from Elder scrolls 4 or Fallout 3 but I wants moar Little big planet Half life and Team fortress Jack and Daxter needs to be revived and if Harvest moon Wii doesnt screw the series I will want more of them

  19. 1. I know this for a fact, gameplay makes a great game, not graphics. But for this one, I’ll have to pick graphics. Why? Think about it, graphics today look much more gorgeous than what you would see with your own eye. What if ATI or NVIDIA broke the animation barrier and made it seem life like? Now that would be bad ass.

    2.Played too much WoW, I’d rather play an MMO-FPS that had some sort of daily updates on the story line. Say a WW2 MMO-FPS. You can live out the days of a soldier in WW2. June 6, 1944 you could be part of the D-Day invasion! And if they run out of stuff to do for WW2, they can add an expansion pack progressing the war. Making your own version of WW2 hahaha.

    3. I’m a big SP junky, even though I love playing online. If it’s more in-depth enough for me to get involved in the story line then I’ll definitely play it.

    4. A shooter based on strategy and team work. Aka, Left 4 Dead! Haha, seriously though. There are already too much games that you could be good on your own unless you’re playing on a professional team. Halo 3, CoD series, Counter-strike. More teamwork based FPS games is needed. A little BF2 squad style put in might do the trick.

    5. Finish a new game instantly. I don’t know why, but that’s just the way I am.

    6. Spoilers. Most of the spoilers don’t really ruin it for me, unless it was from a movie or something. But as far as spoilers, it doesn’t feel the same way as it does when you actually experience it.

    7. New gaming franchise is badly needed. Though I do wish to see the CoD and Halo series progress farther, but they’ve been on the market for awhile now. Pretty much every video game illiterate person can easily find out which of the two games you’re playing.

  20. 1. See the next gen focus more on improved graphics or improved gameplay?
    Gameplay for sure

    2. Play an MMO-FPS or an MMO-RPG?

    3. Play a game with deep a deep single player campaign and no multiplayer value, or a shallow single player campaign with lots of multiplayer content?
    Multiplayer more fun

    4. Have a shooter focus on accuracy and skill, where one man good enough doesn’t need his teammates, or do you prefer a shooter based on strategy and teamwork?

    5. Finish a new game as quickly as possible or savor it over the course of a few days/ weeks?
    Savor it. 😀

    6. Find out if a game is worth playing at the cost of hearing some spoilers, or do you prefer to see for yourself, even if the game ends up being a waste of time?
    Would prefer knowing some spoilers.

    7. See new gaming franchises at the expense of the old ones, or are you happy with the ones we have now?
    Happy with the ones now,

  21. 1) gameplay. flashy graphics are fine, but Id prefer a well-polished game over one that looks great, but lacks gameplay
    2)I dont think Ive ever seen a MMOFPS, so MMORPG
    3)Singleplayer. I like a great storyline, and just love playing a good rpg. if it is a multiplayer game, however, little to no storyline
    4)as much as I love kicking ass on my own, teamplay still overturns everything else
    5)Savor it. I like to see what the Devs put into a game they spent months/years on, you know?
    6)Ill take spoilers to some degree, though too much will ruin the game for me
    7)I dont buy games too often, so I dont really have an opinion either way Im afraid. last game I bought was TF2, and before that CSS (see what I mean?)

  22. 1. We’re just now starting to see improved gameplay in this next gen (e.g. Fallout 3, Metal Gear Solid 4, Call Of Duty 4) and I want to see more of it. Graphics can always use a little touching up, but too many times I am completed bored by the gameplay of new games. I sent back Quantum Of Solace to Gamefly almost immediately and I did the same with Resistance 2. To quote The Roots, “Y’all ain’t sayin’ nuthin’ new.” I’m not saying that every game has to be a revolution in gameplay, but I am tired of the same old, same old, and as long as the graphics are clean, they can be simple and I will be happy.
    2. Neither. MMOs are time and money suckers and I refuse to be duped into playing any of the current ones. That being said, if an MMO (RPG, FPS, or other) rewarded me with a solid single player quest and didn’t charge me each month to play the game, I give it a try. But the idea that they only way to succeed at an MMO is to spend countless hours leveling up has never appealed to me. Basically this genre is off of my radar when I think about the broken relationships, wasted money, ridiculous secondary market (selling items, leveled-up characters, etc. for real money), and even the health risks (death from overplaying).
    3. Why can’t it be both?
    4. I’m on the fence on this one. Both are fine, but I would like to see improvements made in AI so that your computer controlled teammates aren’t constantly going in the wrong direction or leaving you open to get blasted. For playing online, I’ve had fun both ways.
    5. Honestly, I wouldn’t care if it took me a year to beat a game if it was engrossing enough. If a game is completed in less than twenty hours and there is no incentive to play again, I feel cheated.
    6. Eh, I try to avoid spoilers. Since I’m primarily a renter, I only read reviews to get an idea of the gameplay elements to see if it’s worth my time. For games that I buy without renting first, I avoid spoilers at all costs.
    7. If all of the current game franchises were axed in favor of new games, I would be for it. When most of the AAA titles coming out are sequels, it’s obvious that it’s time for a change.

  23. 1. gameplay hands down…my argument

    Goldeneye > Animal Crossing

    2. mmofps cause u really FEEL like the character

    3. Argument: Half Life

    4.teamwork like bf2

    5. savor the flavor

    6. No game worth playing is a waste of time…option 2 plz

    7. Certain game dynasties are immortal and kick ass…but its always good to get some new blood in

  24. 1. See the next gen focus more on improved graphics or improved gameplay?
    -Better gameplay. We’ve already got ‘good’ enough graphics with Crysis, but they lacked the gameplay which made is rather meh.

    2. Play an MMO-FPS or an MMO-RPG?
    -MMO-FPS. I think There’s one in the works atm.

    3. Play a game with deep a deep single player campaign and no multiplayer value, or a shallow single player campaign with lots of multiplayer content?
    -Strong SP, but fun MP.

    4. Have a shooter focus on accuracy and skill, where one man good enough doesn’t need his teammates, or do you prefer a shooter based on strategy and teamwork?
    -Teamwork, with accuracy/skill mixed in. Teamwork first, then accuracy/skill only helps thereafter.

    5. Finish a new game as quickly as possible or savor it over the course of a few days/ weeks?
    -Finish ASAP, then Develop.

    6. Find out if a game is worth playing at the cost of hearing some spoilers, or do you prefer to see for yourself, even if the game ends up being a waste of time?
    -Find out on my own.

    7. See new gaming franchises at the expense of the old ones, or are you happy with the ones we have now?
    -Ditch EA, keep Valve. 🙂

  25. 1. Improved Gameplay…graphics are pretty amazing right now, and any further and we’ll be on the borderline of real and fake. I’d rather see some games improve their storylines and make more engaging gameplay.

    2. MMOFPS…I don’t like MMORPG’s…too much stuff going on…and I hate Pay Per month…of course mmofps probably will have that too.

    3. Depends on the type of game. If it was something such as Bioshock or DeadSpace…definitely stronger single player because you can have a great single player experience…but games like call of duty and all that, although they can have good single player…they’re fun and action packed and developed to the point where they are required to be multiplayer because they have that community aspect to them.

    4. Teamwork without a doubt. I hate games that are like…yo, here ya go…you’re by yourself, fight 10 billion guys and make it out alive…wtf?

    5. Savor it, I do that all the time…no point in getting through a game real quick in one week because it is a waste of 50 bucks…unless it has multiplayer but still you should enjoy it…it’s like with food, if you eat too fast you won’t enjoy it.

    6. Find out myself, usually non-spoiler hands-on information is enough to tell me if i’ll like the game or not. Therefore the games i choose usually are something i’ll enjoy.

    7. New ones…I always like changes. So new ones are a welcome addition.

  26. This is going to sound like a cop-out but i would say “Both” to almost all of these questions.

    i want games with shallow story and deep multiplayer. i also want games with deep story and little to no multiplayer.

    I want the industry to work on graphics AND gameplay.

    I have played a shooter that requires great skill for the individual but also team work, so i don’t think that one really worked out.

    Also i’d like to see new franchises and the old ones. I like mario, i like grand theft auto and i bloody well like Quake, damn it.

    If you can come up with the new stuff then so bloody be it but it wont change the fact that i still like to see quake get a new game every now and then.

    I HAVE a MMO-FPS but most of you don’t count Neocron or Hellgate: London. I also had a MMO-RPG. (but i prefer Hellgate: London)

    I think if i really had to chose between these options in the gaming world now days and risk losing the choice of the other opposing options I’d simply go back to playing PS2 games and get a better hobby, like Snow boarding.

  27. 1. Improved Gameplay

    2. MMO-FPS

    3. More focus on multiplayer that is NOT over x-box live.

    4. Strategy & Teamwork

    5. Play it for weeks

    6. See for myself

    7. I don’t care what franchise the game is part of, as long as it is innovative

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