The Last Remnant Does Mega Battles

Every time I think I’m not interested in The Last Remnant, Square goes and wows me with another trailer. I’ve said it before, but the graphics are the most stunning I’ve seen in an RPG to date (those are in-game cut scenes, people), and the combat actually looks entertaining. The voice acting is above par for more Square games, as well, so I really just don’t know how I feel. All I know is this trailer makes me want to play it. And it comes out on November 20th…

Am I crazy? Or is it just another JRPG that I should ignore?

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4 thoughts on “The Last Remnant Does Mega Battles”

  1. Lol, looks like someone likes their graphics. XD That said, it is made by Square….which makes me want to think it could possibly be okay.

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