Bragging Rights: Pwning Call of Duty 4

Do you ever finish a game and don’t know what to play next? Man, I agonize over this sometimes. Should I go back and play some more Oblivion, but if I do will I not want to play Fallout 3 when I get it for Christmas? Do I want to finish Final Fantasy X-2 or find more prizes in Little Big Planet? When in doubt, I play Call of Duty 4.

Now, I usually play Search and Destroy, but lately I just like to kill people. Probably the stress at work. Anyhoo, like most players, there are some maps that I just flat out suck at. Creek, for instance. I won’t even play on it anymore. Snipers rule there and I can’t snipe to save my virtual life. The only fun I ever had on that map was hiding in the cave and shooting people as they passed through, like a homicidal toll booth worker.

So to satisfy my kill urges, I played Mercenary Team Deathmatch. The map was Countdown, the one with the missile launchers and around the map with the sheds circling the edges. And I PWNED everyone. I mean, wow. I could not even believe it. It started off slow: 3 kills, called in my UAV, hung around the edges and caught some people in crossfire. 5 kills, called in an airstrike that missed, as usual. 7 kills, got the helicopter, which put me at 10 straight kills, no deaths.

At this point, I started to get excited. I knew I was into the groove (yes, I quoted a Madonna song. The bitch is crazy, but I love that song) but I didn’t let up. I never worry about kill-to-death-ratio, since I play Headquarters mode, which is a surefire to destroy your KDR. I know some people also die on purpose in order to get the streak going again for the UAV, airstrike and chopper, but those people are losers. Real men never die on purpose, so I kept going.

And I got 26 kills in a row before I died.

The game ended with me having 27 kills, 3 assists and 1 death. Plus, I completed 3 challenges, two of them involving killing every member of the other team. I gained over 900 experience points in one game. I pwned.

Of course, I had 6 kills and 12 deaths in the next round, but who’s counting?

So what about you guys? Any tales of major pwnage you want to share?

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  1. Yes indeedy I do.

    So the best game me and my cousin have ever been able to play together as a 2 man team was GRAW 2. We ended up being able to play 6v2 on most any map and win, but our crowning achievement was 2v8 on the one map we never lost on. Basically we set up in one spot (I wouldn’t call it too much of camping, seeing as the numbers) where were are open on all sides but two,t here are multiple places they can sneak up, far away int he distance, and pop us good (they never seemed to figure it out though) If I can ever find what map it was Ill let you know. But we hunkered down on opposite sides of a rock and would watch different ways, cousin with a sniper me with a gun on single shot. Long story short we got pushed out of that spot (happens) and were stuck in our spawn. We held them off an beat them (by more than 5 kills, but no more than 10 if I remember right) 2v8. Ownage

    And back in R6V hayday we had a really good clan. One ownage moment was when we challenged a clan that was good at basically the CTF style game mode. They beat us…barely. SO we played them in deathmatch and the floor was never so covered in their blood 😛

  2. wow sometimes my grammar sucks so bad.

    To clarify that the spot we sat on was up on a hill with a rock wall that ran along side us to our right and back, going back into our spawn. We held them off at the hill, dieing multiple times each until they finally pushed us into the spawn. We had about 8 min left in the match and were able to hold them off from there.

    GRAW 2 was an amazing game. Things like snipers could really reach out and touch you from afar and you really would have no clue where it was from. Holding off THEM as snipers was hard since we were boxed in. I trusted a rifle on single shot.

    Fun times

  3. nice one sean.

    Anyway, not long ago i decided to play some team deathmatch in COD4 because i was bored by the usual search and destroy.
    I decided to play sniper with ACOG sights, just for fun.
    I found a spot and just started shooting around. As it turned out, the TDM gamers dont check the sniper spots because they all run&gun with SMGs. I just stood there and fired away until i ran out of ammo, then ran kamikaze with deagle. That happened sometimes and it ended with me getting 97 kills and 25 deaths.

  4. Nice write-up! There was one game I played in Halo 3 in Social Slayer, where 2 of my teammates got dropped, so it was 3 to 5. Somehow, I hit the zone and I felt like every grenade I threw was perfect, no bullet could stop me, etc. I ended up pulling our team to victory with 30 plus kills and only a couple of deaths.

    There’s one point where I was standing in the middle of the map (High Ground) just downing their team 2 dudes at a time as they approached me. It was like a kung fu movie.

  5. Ah, yes. Call of Duty 4. The love of my life. Even now, I’ll take a breather from my lack-of-having-a-Sturmgewehr in WaW to revisit the good old times in Modern Warfare.
    Usually, I’ll get a little over 10 kills and a few deaths, no more than four. That’s an average game. A VERY average game. When I’m pwning, you’d know it. MVP, 20-30, 2 or so deaths. And as a real man would, I don’t die on purpose for another round of UAV, Airstrike, Helicopter. My longest streak in WaW was back during the beta (man, I miss the beta!!!) and it was I think 17 or 18 kills. Not bad for a Tommy Gun. Hopefully I’ll find a way to start pwning again in WaW like I did in the beta. Maybe if I avoid Courtyard and Asylum. And get the Type 100 back.

  6. Lol, the most epic moment I had was on a large game, I think 20 v 20 or something, I forgot and it was on Bog. The swampy place with the tank. I got 5 kills running around in TDM and sent in an airstrike, then got killed. AFTER I respawned, I got 9 kills with my airstrike (yes 9 kills) and got a copter and all that and owned some more people:D It was pure luck, but still awesome. 24 kills and 2 deaths.

  7. i remember playing a counter strike condition zero match with my buddy in where we where in aim_ak_colt, and it was at first 8 v 8, but then 6 of our gyse dropped out so it ended up being 2 v 8, me and my buddy thought “lets try it anyway, we will get destroyed, but fuck it. LETS GO!”. after 45 minutes i had a kd ratio of 84 kills, and only 9 deaths, by buddy had an astounding 106 to 7. no lie. (you might think im exagerating but im fucking serious, i remember it so well cause it still has yet to happen again 🙂 ) but that map became my favorite from then on and i got to be super good at it. to bad i sucked at everything else. (on that note a good way to train yourself in weapons in that game is to go to a awp_map, then buy an m4 or ak, and practice while everyone uses an awp, thats what really helped me. 🙂

  8. sorry for the double post, but on the topic of xp for cod 4 (this was for pc so more pplz means easier to level up) i once got 1337 xp. i was fucking dancing.

  9. I was never a big fan of CoD:4…i mean i played it yea, but i never got into it. But im talkin back in the day i would go into CoD2 on the PC and take my thompson ( this is before airstrikes and choppers and what not, the golden age of Call of Duty, although CoDWaW kicks ass) i went something like 70 and 20 and whalloped the server. The only reason i didnt go higher was cause the kill lmit was set to 70…yea i dont necessarily pwn, im the guy who will plant the bomb in SD as oppsoed to killwhoring. We get the W but my score is usually neg….(CoDWaW is changing that tho)

  10. Okay. Imagine this:
    COD 4. Deathmatch. No kill limit. Epic weapons. Rank: Lt. General.

    I went on a killing spree which defies all definitions of ownage:
    100 kills and only 17 deaths.

    I had been camping out in a burnt out building with a Barrett M82, a Deagle, and martyrdom. I was backed into a corner, and the only way people could come was towards me. I was pulling off an incredible amount of headshots, dropping airstrikes that pounded every assault I held back… that is, until I ran out of ammo. So I broke cover and came face to face with a trio of gunners. They mowed me down, but weren’t expectig me to blow up under their feet. Another three kills.

    I must have run out all my luck that day, because the next, well, let’s just say the tables were turned. I was destroyed: 7 kills for 62 deaths.

    It all depends on the day. And just how itchy your trigger finger is.

  11. I love online shooters, but I consider myself an average player. My kills are often higher than my deaths, but I rarely go into the realm of god like skill.

    Well, except for one time.

    Let me preface this story by adding in the one thing that makes this note-worthy: I was dead drunk. Like, extremely. I was playing Day of Defeat: Source with two friends, and it was my first night ever shotgunning beer. I was the Tommy Gun class, and I go barreling into the German lines, caution thrown to the wind like so many empty aluminum cans.

    After emptying a magazine into three Germans, I promptly pulled out my pistol and began popping Nazi heads left and right. Six or seven enemies down, and I ran into the exit of their spawn zone. With both my weapons dry, I resorted to the melee attack, which, with the Tommy Gun class, is a powerful fist of rage. I must have punched at least three or four more Germans before they finally overwhelmed me. At that point, my temporary god mode wore off, and I ended up with those ten kills to some forty deaths, or something ridiculous.

    Ahh, alcohol fulled gamer-rage. How I miss you.

  12. I have a drunk Pwning story:

    I had a few drinks and was very tipsy. Was playing FFX, it was 3 in the morning. Was going to do the Thunder Plains mini game where you have to dodge a lightning strike 200 times in a row. No saving. I had read on gamefaqs about so many people having a hard time with this.

    So I turned off the lights b/c just before the lightning strikes, you see a flash. Having only the TV light would help. I did it easily, went up to 247 times, only stopped b/c I was about to pass out.

    I pwned drunk.

  13. lol actually, I did know it. I took a poetry class at FSU. Eddy was in that class, I think he saw me get into it with the teacher b/c she didn’t like my work. Said it was “lowbrow”.

    She’s dead now.


    or am I?

    lol, no, I am kidding.


  14. Little big planet
    Story map

    3 sack boys were slapped into one explosive that day
    and none of them were me

  15. Yeah, apparently referencing anything from basic cable was akin to farting the national anthem.

    My last teacher loved my poetry, told me I found my voice.

    I’m so lost…time to kill people on CoD4!

  16. Lol, try Oblivion, it has loads of random crap to do. 😀 BTW, when in doubt, play COD 4 is a pretty nice philosophy. xD

  17. When L4D finishes downloading im going to go on an all nighter and beat the game in one shot…no matter how long it takes…ive told them i have a ten am class tomorrow and ill play up until 9:50. Will report back with the epic pwnage that shall follow 🙂

  18. Pwn pwn!

    Lol, you guys are awesome.

    Snowman, I only try to be artistic. The best poem I ever wrote was called “Tequila”. I pwned one girl’s heart with it though,lol. Sadly, not much else.

    Speaking of more Pwnage, I played Civilization Revolution last night and destroyed someone online. Awesome game, go play it now. This dude kept attacking my city and I just defended until I built a crap load of bombers and well…let’s just say it didn’t end pretty for him.

  19. when i was playing the counterstrike the regular version, i was playing on de_dust, i was a CT. it was ten on ten, i rushed into the above tunnel first and ended killing the whole other team. then every one was like what the FUCK? what just happened. And my friend who was a CT to sent me a friend message saying ” What the hell did you just do???”. and that was my grat moment

  20. Love moments like that. Civ Rev is a turn based game, not RTS, but you are right in that it gets a zillion stars. I sit at work and think of new ideas for it for when I get home.

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