Valve Proves its BadAss-ness with Complete Pack

If you needed any further convincing, Valve has just confirmed that they are, in fact, complete and utter badasses. How did they do this? Well, first of all, by making some truly classic games, with a great track record. Second, for being the only gaming company that understands how its gamers want to use the Internet to buy things.

And lastly, the new Valve Complete Pack, which includes essentially every Valve game ever made, including Left 4 Dead and the Orange box, HL2, HL, CS, CSS, and all kinds of other things. How much does this cost you? $99. Seriously. It’s almost $140 in savings.

This is perfect for me because I actually don’t own the Orange Box and I was thinking about getting Left 4 Dead on the PC anyway. Anybody else going to hit Valve up on this?

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13 thoughts on “Valve Proves its BadAss-ness with Complete Pack”

  1. I got valve complete pack almost a year ago 🙂

    I wish that I would get left 4 dead for free cause I got the pack XD

    Well a wish too good to come true but if they had fulfilled it they would be the best company EVAR!!!

  2. Dang, wish I hadn’t picked up the Orange Box this summer, especially as I’ve only gotten around to playing through Portal. I’d be all over this otherwise, and probably still would be if I hadn’t been a bit underwhelmed by Left 4 Dead. Ah well, I get that feeling that by the new year, I’m going to have enough options in the FPS department to last me probably through most of 2009 anyway.

  3. i agree with benign… id sadly bought orange box in summer and now i shame my head in dissapointment now that they come with the uber pack :(…

  4. Valve is the only company I know that can make you feel like you could have gotten a better deal … after buying the Orange Box.

  5. Nice! The package itself is pretty double l4d’s price, and it’s looking great. Still 99.99(I think still) and L4D is added? :O

  6. The complete pack has been around since HL2. They just add to it everytime they release new games. I won’t be buying it because the only games on there that I don’t already have are Condition Zero and L4D. 😀

  7. i’m happy with the orange box. lets face it. when half life ep 3 comes out. everyone will be moaing “oh why did i get the purple box? why did’t i wait for the pink box with half life ep 3?” valve are always going to make ne ames. be glad they make these offers, not any other companies do.

  8. . . . I should get this. I dont own the 2nd part of HL and the OB would be nice too. And L4D???

    Wow, thats a #$@&*% good way to spend $100

  9. bought the orange box last year and already preordered L4D, so i wont be doing this…no way could i wait that long to play portal, hl2 (all eps) Tf2,, l4d…the list goes on and on…go valve! thanks for not abandoning the PC platform!!

  10. 22 games for $99! This is like The Orange Box x 7.5! I would love buy this package so I can play the Half-Life trilogy and Left 4 Dead! Valve is the most badass developer/publisher in the video game industry!

  11. Valve showed its baddassness when it released the orange box hell they proved it the first time i sliced a zombie in half

    Ps. Half life is only 1 dollar right now

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