Final Fantasy: Blood of Bahamut for the DS

So the other day, a spooky but crazy epic Square countdown site launched, teasing gamers with an awesome looking shot of Bahamut over what looks like a colossus from Shadow of the Colossus. Oh, and the colossus has a city on its back.

While gamers speculated over what it was, it looks like the news has been broken by Jump Magazine in Japan. It is a teaser for a new Square game called Final Fantasy: Blood of Bahamut for the Nintendo DS. FF:BoB (as I’ve dubbed it) is a 4 player co-op action RPG game that has 2D sprites running against 3D backdrops. Which sounds incredible, by the way.

Even cooler? The premise has the characters living in the city perched atop the giant creature’s back. Only problem is, lots of other huge douches keep coming to attack your walking city. No fun. But I’m all for that. This game sounds terribly compelling and inventive. Anybody else excited?

Source- Nintendo DS Fanboy via Final Fantasy Union

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4 thoughts on “Final Fantasy: Blood of Bahamut for the DS”

  1. uh….YEAH! Walking creatures with cities on their back? They should get Jay-Z to write the main theme!

    “You gotta get that Esper off your shoulder…”

  2. the concept art on the website looks so badass! But i’d rather have it on a psp or a console with better graphix rather than the DS… too… much pixels… on the DS….

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