Another Prince of Persia Story Trailer

Sigh. Another really cool trailer for Prince of Persia. I guess you can watch it and get happy or something. Me? I’ll just sulk because it means another $60 out of my pocket. Thanks video gaming. You rule like a kick in the nuts.

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7 thoughts on “Another Prince of Persia Story Trailer”

  1. Wow this is looking to be a pretty epic experience. And WTF is with the amount of great games coming out his last half of the year? Its overwhelming me.

  2. am i alone in disliking prince of persia? the graphics of assassincs creed are better and the setting is the same, the comabt is better and the freerunning in mirrors edge far outdoes prince of persia. azuric: rise of perthia was a better game. i loved that game…

  3. I don’t know if the graphics are better in Assassin’s Creed. More realistic, perhaps, but I am over that.

    Combat was horrible for me in AC. I prefer POP.

    Mirror’s Edge is a vastly different type of game than POP. Sands of Time was one of the best games for the PS2.

  4. True. The combat in AC was kinda boring. And I also think the graphics in Prince of Persia are better than AC. But I’m not really judging games by graphics.

  5. hmm. i guess. the combat in prince of persia never appealed to me. i found myself slashing the air mostof the time and most other people i saw did the same.

    i loved comba in AC. the fighting was like in a movie. if you want it to be more exiting, turn the difficulty up or start a massive fight with a targets bodyguards.

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