Wheel of Time MMO?

I’m not sure how many of you have ever read or attempted to read The Wheel of Time books by the late Robert Jordan. If you haven’t, you should know that they are a huge series of epic fantasy books, sometimes awesome, sometimes frustrating, but always long. They are now on book 11 out of 12, with the last being finished by a new author, since Jordan has passed on.

Well, in news that’s not so surprising, it looks like Red Eagle Entertainment has picked up the rights to do movies, TV shows, and even games based on the property. Quite frankly, I’m surprised this didn’t go down sooner, considering how many fans of the series there are out there.

The interesting bit is that Red Eagle apparently wants to milk the franchise for all its worth, not only making games based on each book, but making an MMO title as well, putting you in the world of Aes Sedai and the Dragon Reborn.

The books certainly have enough characters to populate an online world. Hell, every player could be a character from the book if he/she wanted, there are so damn many. While I’m not sure how the mechanics would work (for instance, males wouldn’t be able to use magic since it’s illegal), it seems like maybe a prequel would be the best bet.

Have any of you guys read this series? Thoughts? I think one MMO is a good thing to bet on, but making a game for each book, PLUS an MMO seems a little much.

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11 thoughts on “Wheel of Time MMO?”

  1. I am a long time fan of the Wheel of Time and Robert Jordan. But there is no doubt in my mind that any movies or games will butcher the story and world of this series. I don’t think that this would have ever happened if he was still alive.

    The only way they could make a movie of even the FIRST book that didn’t suck, is if it was 6 hours long AT LEAST. I don’t see that happening, so I don’t see any of this as good news.

  2. Bit,
    your view is one I have never understood. So if they make a game or movie and it sucks, so what? It doesn’t diminish the books in anyway, so why not give it a try?

  3. I just find it appalling when people take someone else’s great work, then rework it into something entirely different and make a profit from it.And apart from that, anyone who has ever read the books knows that a movie could never do them justice, so it’s just disappointing that they’d even try.

  4. [quote comment=”1994″]Bit,
    your view is one I have never understood. So if they make a game or movie and it sucks, so what? It doesn’t diminish the books in anyway, so why not give it a try?[/quote]
    People would hear that the movie or game is based on a book. Not reading the book they go to the movies to be disappointed. Then the book would get a bad reputation.

  5. I disagree, respectfully, of course.

    It’s not taking someone’s work, its paying money to use the rights for it. Without such, we would not have great things like the Godfather, Gone With the Wind, The Maltese Falcon, James Bond and countless more.

    Lord of the Rings turned out ok. The Harry Potter movies are kinda crappy and the books are still popular.

    The book would not get a bad rep, the MOVIE would.

    I heard the Halo novels are pretty mediocre. Does that hurt the game?

    Does anyone think Super Mario Bros sucks now b/c of the movie?

  6. Well when you make a point you make a point. I really can’t argue that. But one thing…the Halo books are actually pretty good.

  7. lol, if it makes you feel better, when I saw yours and Bit’s post, I honestly did not know how to respond for a minute. Then it hit me,lol.

    Yeah, I have heard mixed things about the Halo books, some people like it, some people don’t.

  8. I have to agree with Anthony – so what if a game or movie based on a book sucks? we still have the book. the potential for something good is enough for me. That said, I think WoT would make more sense as some sort of miniseries or just a regular old tv series, bci don’t know how they could do any of the books with under 10-12 hours, much less the three hours that even an epic movie is basically limited to.

  9. as a huge nerd my first thought was :”No, they are destroying it!” (What else? 🙂 )

    Anthony, even if what you say sounds sensible and strings a chord within me … what’s the point in making a bad movie or bad game. It’s not worth the time making it. It’s not worth the time watching/playing it.

    Sure, most convertions from or to videogames suck, but the WoT is just to massive, to huge to be converted truthfully. As you said, if they make a MMO every player could be a character from the book 😉

  10. When I saw the newspost for this on another site, my instant reaction was to search for it. Apparently, a Wheel of Time game where you play Aes Sedai came out on PC in 1999 (I have already ordered a copy of the game, for it actually has good ratings on every site I looked at, and I have a perfectly good computer running windows 98 that is just sitting there). It is labeled as a “Fantasy first person shooter”.
    A game may be okay, if it’s just set in the world. Not on the characters.
    But any movie would BUTCHER the series. The books are way too big, and contain too much to fit.

  11. They said the same about Lord of the Rings.

    It can be done. You just have to focus on the story that MATTERS.

    Not the side stuff, but distill it to its core. And use that.

    And no one sets out to make a bad movie or game,lol. It just happens.

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